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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Live Video Token Sale Platform

The project associates unaffiliated business visionaries or undertaking groups who wish to offer blockchain tokens as a strategy for Capital Accumulation to imminent clients who are utilizing the application. Potential clients can ask for the business person or group to pitch their item and clarify the advantages, costs, dangers, and other applicable data through a live gushing video. All the while, other application clients can watch and take part through content. The application does not embrace or suggest any business visionaries or undertaking groups. Its capacity is to give a less demanding approach to extend groups to associate with potential financial specialists. An expansion of this task will see real segments decentralized, and in the long run it is planned to move the greater part of the venture onto decentralized frameworks, for example, Ethereum and IPFS. The purpose behind this is to guarantee that anyone can introduce their undertaking to the world and offer tokens for it.

The project vision:

The Pitch Investors Live venture expects to give business people and undertaking groups the chance to present to specialists, before a crowd of people. The more amazing undertakings can be effectively distinguished in video shape and particularly if mindful, astute individuals are asking the correct inquiries.

The undertaking aim is to make a reasonable, nonpartisan stage that uncovered and features awesome tasks and energizes open dialog of their benefits and blames in a way that can be effortlessly comprehended by typical, non-specialized individuals.

Non-specialized individuals will now have the chance to purchase tokens from ventures they like, and furnish the business visionaries and undertaking groups with the opportunity to connect with these individuals as potential clients.

The project platform:

The group have assembled and keep on operating a product stage that associates business people and speculators by live video in a comparative mold to the TV demonstrate arrange depicted before. The business people pitch blockchain based tokens instead of value in an organization. As the business visionary pitches the financial specialist over live video, a group of people watches. Arranged overhauls will enable the group of onlookers to take an interest in token deals offered by the business visionaries.

The Pitch Investors Live stage is a product item which would already be able to be gotten to from an iOS application, and in the long run from the web and Android gadgets. It enables business visionaries to make short synopses of their item or business, which the clients would then be able to effortlessly filter through to discover those in which they have some intrigue. The subsequent stage is for the potential token deal client to welcome the business visionary to pitch live by means of the stage. Amid this live pitch, different clients of the application may look as gathering of people individuals. The stage additionally rebroadcasts the “show” live to Facebook Live and soon YouTube.

The project highlights:

  • 1) Entrepreneurs can make PITCH outlines.

From the primary page of the current application, clients can make a pitch outline.

  • 2) Users can choose ventures they need to find out about.

The clients who are occupied with conversing with business visionaries or task groups can without much of a stretch swipe through pitch outlines to see who they need to address.

  • 3) The business person is advised that they have an opportunity to PITCH live.

At the point when a potential token deal client needs to address a business person, the business person is told and the two go live on the web.

  • 4) The business visionary Pitches another client through live video, before a crowd of people.

The pitch occasion happens between two members: a business person and a potential token deal custome. The members associate through WebRTC video. In the wake of associating, the business visionary’s activity is to persuade the master that the tokens he/she is offering are deserving of procurement.

  • 5) All clients see a rundown of pitches.

Easygoing watchers and business person clients see a rundown of pitches that they can see. Some are recorded and some are live.

The Project Roadmap:

  • Token sale launch
  • Integration of ERC-20 tokens with existing iOS app for payments.
  • Pitch DAPP v1 released on testnet.
  • Pitch DAPP running live on mainnet. Data migrated from centralized app.
  • Begin rewarding investors who appear on platform.
  • DAPP runs on iOS and Android mobile app.

The Project Team:

Pitch has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  •  Matthew Lally, Founder & Visionary
  • Jonathan Foltz, Co-Founder & Visionary
  • plus the Pitch team & advisers


  • Token: Pitch
  • Abbreviation: Pitch
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: BTC,ETH
  • Supply: 1.6b Pitch

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Presale: 28.Feb-15.Jun.201
  • Stard date: 15.Jun.2018
  • End date: 1.Jul.2018


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