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Play Game [PXG]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Powering real economy in the gaming world

PlayGame.com is the principal decentralized Crypto Arcade Playground that utilizations blockchain innovation to offer a straightforward world-class answer for diversion engineers to finance their astounding undertakings. They will have the capacity to get, hold and adapt their diversions to crypto-lovers, without agonizing over installment errors. PlayGame.com will have the capacity to battle uncontrolled theft issues and enable non mainstream designers to contend on the CPI (Cost-Per-Install) war.

The project vision, mission & the platform:

The venture mission is to enable gamers, to game designers, business visionaries, financial specialists, publicists, and other future-thinking crypto energetic individuals convert their diversion thoughts into completely useful recreations that can be delighted in by a huge number of individuals paying little mind to their area, starting point, diversion gadgets or financial status.

PlayGame.com furnish diversion engineers with all that they require: specialized arrangements including brilliant contracts, advertising effort with the simple to recollect space name: PlayGame.com, warning and administration skill driven by the group of 20 game industry specialists. The platform give game designers an astonishing opportunity to make recreations for Cryptoenthusiasts which is a developing business sector. Fun diversions where individuals pay tokens to play and contend to win more tokens of different cryptographic forms of money. This takes care of the issue of getting, adapting, and holding clients for non mainstream diversion engineers.

PlayGame.com, together with game extends inside its environment frame the PlayGame economy, a space controlled by PlayCoins that play out an assortment of utility jobs for Gamers and Game makers. The platform takes care of the financing issue that frequently torment new engineer meaning to turn their thoughts into great diversions. The straightforward blockchain decentralized environment upheld by the PlayCoins Economy makes it feasible for diversion ventures/thought makers to get legitimate financing and gives confirmation for patrons when they back tasks that they see potential in.

The Project

In PlayGame.com, gamers (crypto brokers) must “embed” a specific measure of PXG to take part and play in a period selective gaming occasion.

For instance:

  1. There are 1000 players meaning to join and play a round of SUDOKU for a 24-hour time span. Each player would need to store 1 PXG to take an interest.
  2. The game room would have 1000 players contending in the 24-hour time frame and 1000. There are 1000 players on the diversion “room”, going after a constrained measure of time (24 hours) and a pool of 1000 PXG. PlayGame.com will take 5% of the 1000 PXG to be isolated with diversion designers at a 90% – 10% rate supporting the engineers. 50PXG will be removed from the “room” and 5 PXG (10%) will go to Playgame.com as support and authoritative expense, and 45 PXG (90%) will go as installment to Game designers. 950 PXG will be the prize pool for gamers.
  3. They will play and vie for high scores and scores will be reflected as leaderboard for the following 24 hours on the SUDOKU Game.

The principles and numerals have not been finished and the above precedent is simply to outline the plan of action of how it will function in the stage.

PlayGame Token Utility

  • For Game Developers: Diversion designers can utilize the tokens to get their recreations recorded “green-lit” on the stage through the casting a ballot framework. They could remunerate the players who upheld them with PXG. Game designers would get paid in PXG which is reasonable and straightforward.
  • For Gamers – Crypto Enthusiasts: Gamers will utilize their PXG to cast a ballot in a decentralized and straightforward stage to get crafted by their most loved game developer(s) recorded on the stage. Gamers have a chance to build the estimation of their PXG property by playing games.
  • For Advertisers in-diversion: CPM, CPI, CPC are never straightforward as recorded snaps and impressions for publicists are profoundly wrong.
  • For Token guarantors: The team will likewise work with Cryptocurrency and token guarantors, to make the holding of different coins advantageous. For instance, holding a specific number of a specific coin (10,000 TEN) will enable you to get extra advantages in the opposition.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Token sale
  • Fully working demo website on Ethereum testnet, Open-source SDK alpha phase


  • Account services, wallet and trust protocol, Crypto payment gateway launch, SDK in beta phase.
  • Playgame.com platform soft launch, PXG wallet and smart contract implementation SDK released. Game developer beta outreach.
  • Playgame.com public global launch, PXG virtual vending machine, international expansion focusing on Japan and China

The Project Team:

Play Game has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team incorporates top-indented Indonesia startup industry veterans. They are exceedingly experienced and have effectively executed various business methodologies. They are supported and have a long-standing association with unmistakable Venture Capital firms. Moved on from renowned colleges, they are an accomplished group who have collected multi-million downloads and income.

  • Anton Soeharyo – CEO
  • Batista Roparulian Danu – CTO
  • Aria Rajasa – Product Head
  • William Riyadi – Chief Strategy Officer
  • plus the Play Game team & advisers


  • Token: Play Game
  • Abbreviation: PXG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, TEX, USD
  • Total supply: 1b PXG
  • 1 ETH = 15,000 PXG

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 24.Sep.2018
  • End date: 24.Oct.2018



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