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RedCab [REDC]

Welcome my companions to another intriguing ICO today and how about we see their incredible thought:

Building a global transportation community

RedCab LLC is a speedy forward association with mechanical and present day design of activity in the transportation space. The company gives the shot for everybody to autonomous as composed expert centers tackling dispersed scale, while taxi associations function as a gathered capable pro community.

The arrangement of activity is expected to pass on 100% of the focal points to customers versus 100% wage to drivers and taxi associations through decentralizing the whole technique. The execution system and prizes program for drivers is expected to ensure that every single ride gets the most lifted quality from a customer experience viewpoint, while a psychological factor is inconspicuously realized to regulate the purchaser faithfulness part, and methods are set up to ensure security of the two social events.

The project vision:

The target of the RedCab is to change over their arrangement of activity into a decentralized ecosystem that empowers access to overall markets with a clear approach, diminish costs of transportation for end clients sparing more than $60B made through agents organizations, and to build up the undertaking foundation to address the developing universal request on transportation benefits the world over through building up a great versatile instrument.

The project benefits:

  • More advantages for drivers to ensure unwavering quality and greater venture stores for customers to ensure usability.
  • System Dominance through modifying free market action.
  • A Community driven decentralized plan spoken to by keen contracts to ensure straightforwardness and consistency.
  • An AI powered individual associate to help energetic duty and customer experience.

RedCab LLC will organize 100% of the offered benefits in the compact application open on the two stores – App store and Google play – to encourage the route toward paying for all transportation organizations, screen usage, and advantage from a multi-layered utilize arrange.

Offered Services:

  • Auto Hailing
  • Auto Pooling
  • Hotel and Airport transportation
  • Transport advantage
  • Get advantage

Fundamental points of interest for:


  • Less holding up time to start your trek.
  • Free treks with higher utilize.
  • Lower esteem affirmation and high hold reserves.
  • Numerous other options to organize your trip style.
  • More benefit through referral program.
  • Winning tokens through Proof-of-Marketing.


  • Additional wage and advantages.
  • More rides each hour for more versatile working hours.
  • Multi choices of transportation organizations.
  • Winning Tokens through Proof-of-driving.

Lodgings and Restaurants

  • Guaranteeing steady quality and adequacy where master associations and transport staff are associated over a particular breaking point and KPIs.
  • High speculation stores and most extraordinary capability for restaurants without committed movement task forces.
  • More salary through uncommon advancements and discounts. (Data Mining and Deep learning development using Geo zones restricted time Ads)

The project product – Mobile App features

  • Booked Rides

You can basically manage your whole timetable through orchestrating your movements through clock and alerts, it’s useful to get your plane, go to your social occasion, or an event without the fear of leaving behind an extraordinary opportunity.

  • Carpooling

Carpooling is one of the rule incorporates that RedCab reinforces through the App with metropolitan urban networks and possessed places as the essential target.

  • Excess Trip

Excess trek feature will empower business persona to welcome a grand travel involvement to work, get-togethers, motels or air terminals.

  • Appropriated:

Appropriated component is the run of the mill standard segment offered by most auto hailing organizations. You can organize a ride and get the nearest driver.

Significant learning and AI for restricted time Ads

Significant learning and data examination is the crucial fixation in the specific augmentation design, where the essential business adjustment show relies upon Geo Marketing from understanding the customer lead, designs, trip course regions, time intervals and numerous distinctive perspectives to perceive a concentrated on module working not as a pestering fly up Promotions yet to empower the customers to get what they really require at the time they require it.

Displaying Cabbi (AI-controlled Road Assistant)

RedCab LLC is displaying Cabbi® the principle singular outing accomplice. In see of neural framework development, Cabbi® will help you with your consistently trips, visits, gatherings also, events. Cabbi® will be given different images organizing your own look and feel for more enthusiastic responsibility and personalization. Cabbi® isn’t only a customer road amigo yet also a driver’s nearest partner who reliably has his back with next excursion territories, trip assessments, emergencies, wallet trades, token age urging and esteem alerts.

The Project Roadmap:


  • The idea, Mobile App development started.
  • Market research and business iteration.
  • Mobile app MVP launch.
  • Go live on Google Play with both driver and rider clients.
  • Go live on iTunes App Store with both clients and operations commencing in one Coastal City.
  • Operations expansions to 2 coastal cities Partnership with Sierra Global Solutions.


  • Launch and redesign new website
  • Soft Launch & Community Building.
  • Partnership with & SkaleUP Ventures.
  • acquisition
  • Token sale
  • Partnership with doPAY payment processor.


  • Start developing RedCab Dapp with wallet integration.
  • Invest in Infrastructure.
  • Partnership with an Airline (Name to be be confirmed).
  • Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing product development.
  • Expand Travel Service Partners, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Release of iOS and Android release 2.0 with wallet integration and Cabbi smart bot introduction.
  • RedCab Platform development.
  • Data mining and Geo-Ads introduction.
  • Introduce Proof-of-Driving and Proof-Of-Marketing.
  • Release of dAPP. Decentralized Escrow Exchange for REDC Tokens to trade fiat currency in exchange of REDC.
  • Partnership with sports, celebrities, and public figures for Marketing and exposure.

The Project Team:

RedCab has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Mohamed Mousa – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Walid ElGendy – Co-Founder & CBO
  • Asser Yehia – Co-Founder & CTO
  • plus the RedCab team & advisers


  • Token: RedCab
  • Abbreviation: REDC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 100m REDC
  • 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 22.Jun.2018
  • End date: 15.Aug.2018



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