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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Global Foodservice Loyalty Space

Resto isn’t only a straightforward and advantageous faithfulness program. Resto Platform is a cross-utilitarian showcasing stage, an additional wellspring of pay, and a free and remarkable upper hand in the foodservice business. Past this, Resto is a tremendous database of potential shoppers with remarkably complete focusing on dependent on different particular client highlights from normal spend sum and geotargeting to uncommon taste inclinations.

The Resto stage is coordinated with all the main foodservice CRM frameworks. All the showcasing activities and benefit accumulation can be effortlessly done in only a couple of snaps. Resto’s advertising stage permits the utilization of the most creative devices to pull in clients and urge them to return, to expand devotion and normal spending, and to build benefit quality e.g. through the making of assessment surveys.

The CRM framework and portable application Resto Mobile enables foodservice administrators to get all the data about business productivity to enhance its administration and buyer correspondence to the most extreme.

The project vision

The project point is to coordinate foodservice devotion programs everywhere throughout the world. The worldwide way to deal with the advancement of unwaveringness programs is second to none and will change the idea of the foodservice industry:

  • all inclusive steadfastness program
  • predominant customer database
  • across the board application

Platform characteristics:

  • Transparent cashback receipt method in RestoToken;
  • Various methods for utilizing gathered RestoTokens;
  • Various every day activities (eating out in eateries, online conveyance requesting) with cashback gathering in RestoTokens.

The RestoToken stage permits:

  • Quick, straightforward and multi-reason crypto-cashback;
  • Easy plan and organization enabling individual foundations to make their own steadfastness programs;
  • New promoting apparatuses because of the interesting open door managed by coin development investigation.

RestoToken is straightforward and simple to utilize:

  • User transfers the application;
  • The application creates a RestoToken wallet;
  • User is remunerated with reward RestoTokens.

The project benefits:

  • Resto for investors — is an irregular open door for venture into widespread Resto cash performing at a continuous development rate through the commitment of every foodservice administrator and the catch of each new nation advertise. It is a urgent shot for ensured automated revenue and the chance to end up a fellow benefactor of the Global Foodservice Loyalty Space.
  • Resto for members — is a remarkable and finish pack that settle significant foodservice administrator issues. It is a free and ground-breaking upper hand, offering an arrangement of profoundly powerful advertising and advancement benefits inside a Worldwide Loyalty Space of endless potential outcomes.
  • Resto for shoppers — is a general money for visiting any foodservice foundation anyplace on the planet with cashback ensure. It is a rare chance to set aside extra cash and gain cash all the while, to get the best costs and the most appealing offers without geo limits as an exceptionally extraordinary member of the International Foodservice Community.

The project platform

The idea of Resto was created by characterizing the significant foodservice issues and thinking about potential arrangements. After far reaching advancement and enhancement, Resto presents an all around useful answer for the foodservice business.

The Resto Pack incorporates the accompanying items:

  1. Resto Loyalty Platform — a steadfastness program for foodservice administrators dependent on blockchain innovation, coordinated with the major CRM frameworks and with an inherent Resto CRM framework.
  2. Resto CRM — a CRM framework for little and medium foodservice organizations.
  3. Resto Wallet — an application (Android, iOS) for the devotion program enabling clients to get extra Resto tokens and different rewards.
  4. Resto Reviews — an incorporated criticism benefit with Resto Loyalty Platform and Resto Wallet.

The arrival of Resto Pack items will be amazed after the point by point testing of their combination with each other and also with outside administrations. The Resto Pack is a solitary and finish answer for the significant issues experienced in the foodservice business by purchasers and administrators alike.

A solitary Resto Pack gives the administrator the free CRM framework, a functioning client database, inventive advertising apparatuses and a ground-breaking upper hand over the more drawn out term. The benefit of the Pack is that an administrator can offer clients cashback, the most focused costs, alluring offers and a genuine additional salary choice with no geo limits.

The Resto Pack enables an administrator with select showcasing assets, for example, a present shopper database and progressive focusing on alternatives centered around the most basic client specifics. Resto Pack is unrivaled all through the world. It is the principal finish overall dependability framework to make an achievement in the worldwide foodservice industry

The Project Roadmap:


  • Project architecture, Brand and Marketing infrastructure development
  • Prototype development (concept design)
  • Business model development Foodservice market analysis
  • Token sale


  • RestoLP , Resto CRM , Resto Wallet App release
  • Digital Ad Promotion RestoWallet, RestoLP, Resto CRM
  • Integration with the major CRM platforms
  • Launch of ad campaigns by foodservice outlet owners

The Project Team:

RestoToken has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Sung Kim – CEO
  • Daniel Richards – CRO
  • Paolo Angelini – CIO
  • plus the RestoToken team & advisers


  • Token: RestoToken
  • Abbreviation: Resto
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, ZEC, ETC, LTC, BTH
  • Total Supply: 1.1b Resto 
  • 1000 Resto = 0.1 ETH

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start Date: 10.Oct.2018
  • End Date: 14.Dec.2018


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