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Robotina [ROX]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

IoT , AI & Blockchain Empowering Energy Consumers

Robotina is a Slovenian organization, consolidated in 1990 and concentrated on advancement in computerization and control innovation. Their Internet of Things (IoT) empowered equipment (HW), cloud programming (SW) and different arrangements have shown in:

  • Controls in industry, structures, energy and foundation,
  • Cloud based programming and SaaS (Software as Service) stage for continuous/certifiable associated IoT gadgets,
  • Cognitive advances, machine learning and counterfeit consciousness.

Robotina created and keeps on building up a blend of stage and associated things, which boosts benefits for clients by intelligently utilizing force and energy exchanging “smart grids”. To do as such, AI protected based multi-target advancement is the best procedure. Clients’ immediate advantage is decreased energy cost, enhanced control over their benefits, lastly, enhanced solace, wellbeing and security.

The platform:

The Robotina Platform will be a vertical, cutting edge comprehensive empowering arrangement, comprising of associated Internet of Things (IoT) components (things, forms, information, individuals) and the Power Platforme (PP). It will utilize Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain advancements. It will be keep running in the cloud, accessible as an administration. Robotina Platform and associated IoT will execute a large number of counts every second. Every estimation will bring about a little advantage and a little cut of income, which will aggregate each second. By the day’s end, this will end up being the main impetus of the business. Counterfeit consciousness, machine learning, licensed multi objective streamlining and blockchain innovation enables to disturb the power market and execute a community oriented sharing economy plan of action, which appropriates various advantages to the taking part clients.

The Project Hardware:

  • HIQ-Hems : Home energy management system
  • HIQ-Home: Advanced smart home system
  • eStore: Energy storage system
  • IOT Linker XL : Intelligent gateway between business buildings & the platform

The project cloud app:

The Robotina Platform keeps running in the cloud and it is accessible as SaaS (Software as a Service). The Robotina Core (“The Core”), has been produced, tried and actualized for information trade, usage of AI and supporting calculations, information handling and capacity alongside continuous procedures. The Core has a few functionalities:

  • Collecting and amassing live-stream information, sent from IoT, that contains estimations and statuses of all associated brilliant gadgets in establishment sets;
  • Producing information examination and perceptions of information, introduced on web and portable applications, that give clients a knowledge into their profile;
  • Running AI calculations comprehend information examples and demonstrating of the conduct of entire group and individual client;
  • Triggers cautions and alarms, predefined and set by the client;
  • Suggesting pre-arranged projects which offers a lessening of energy use, in view of client’s profile and propensities;
  • Supporting information mining and execution of promoting efforts;
  • Executing exchanges and associating with blockchain.

Cognitive Optimization System

Cognitive Optimization System (COS) is “the brains” of the stage. It utilizes sets of tenets, which continually improve task of IoT things with the objective to execute a client’s methodology and amplify his/her advantages. Robotina protected multi-target enhancement powerfully finds the best bargain between different destinations. Once improved parameters are computed, they are moved to IoT in a type of set focuses or new, enhanced application programming. COS can enhance itself. It utilizes machine figuring out how to always enhance models, calculations and standards.

Web and Mobile App:

The web and portable UI applications (“The Commander”) empower the client to screen and control his equipment (IoT) continuously and to communicate with the stage. The Commander will engage the client to:

  • Know and control the points of interest of his site (home) control necessities and energy utilization;
  • Know real energy expenses and take educated choices;
  • Control every single associated gadget from anyplace on the planet;
  • Receive moment warnings and alerts;
  • See and check his home remotely.

The Commander’s fundamental capacity is to help client diminishing his energy costs. Likewise it empowers remote and programmed control of IoT things for comfort and wellbeing/security purposes.

The project benefits , advantages:

  • Mindfulness and Controll: Energy Management System (EMS), HIQ-Home and other IoT will be associated with the Robotina Platform, so clients will have the capacity to screen their locales/substances and IoT and control them at whenever from anyplace.
  • Savings (Energy efficiency & dynamic energy pricing): Analytical devices, remote control, propelled rules, multi-target improvement and Artificial Intelligence will enable clients to accomplish quick ROI (To rate of return) sparing more than 20 % on their energy costs. By putting resources into energy productivity, clients will lessen CO2 discharges and appreciate tax reductions.
  • Security & Safety: Artificial Intelligence will recognize surprising and hazardous circumstances and send notices to the client.
  • Community book: Users and their locales/substances will coordinate by detailing their ongoing information, sending notices and framing interpersonal organizations and consequently taking an interest in the sharing economy plan of action.

Extra advantages for taking an interest clients will be founded on the cooperative sharing economy plan of action, and will be gotten from:

  • Power Selling: Community individuals will utilize shrewd lattices to acquire cash in light of their exercises, to be specific by giving on-ask for variable utilization to energy providers and network administrators. Earned income will be dispersed among the qualified taking part clients, in light of and in connection with their exercises.
  • Crowd buying: The stage will empower clients to shape and take an interest in the swarm purchasing activities with a specific end goal to arrange noteworthy rebates on energy costs.
  • Marketplace activities: Users will partake in smart contract based organizations. They will have the capacity to offer or purchase different administrations, accessible to the associated clients and outsiders.
  • Internal trade: Those who deliver energy will have the capacity to pitch it to different clients, consequently wiping out the requirement for go between and superfluous expenses.
  • Data sales: Community will pitch unknown information to the matrix partners and compensate taking part clients.
  • Energy service company (ESCO) and Virtual power plant (VPP) crowd funding: Users will have the capacity to utilize Robotina Utility Tokens (ROX) keeping in mind the end goal to take an interest in swarm subsidizing of the gainful activities utilizing ESCO or VPP plans.

Advantages for enormous and corporate clients:

• Energy efficiency & Fault prediction: Large buyers and corporate clients will interface their structures to the Robotina Platform and buy in to its administrations. The project Cognitive Streamlining System will help them diminishing their energy and support costs by an expected 30 %.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Upgrade design HEMS USER Live for Beta users
  • Go live to the public
  • Awarness & Manual Control Implemented strategy – self-consumption


  • Prosumer functionality , Dynamic Tarif Analyzer Optimizer
  • Android App G2 , Things fully supported
  • Interface to “IBM Watson”  ,  Scheduler, scheduled tasks
  • Behaviour Intelligence “Community Book” made public
  • Integrated Payment Platform , iOS App G2
  • Interface to “MS Azure” , Individual Negotiation
  • Full Smart Grid Optimizer , VPP
  • Integrated Payment Processing , Agregation
  • Interface to “Amazon Alexa” , Aggregated Negotiation
  • Group Buying , Integrated Marketplace
  • Community Benefits , Automatic program generation & download
  • Content Marketing


  • Anonimized data for data sales , Revenue distribution calculator
  • Marketplace cooperative module , Targeted data for advertizing
  • Local energy & power sales , Neuromarketing module
  • Energy suppliers interface , Dynamic supplier change
  • EV (Electric Vehicle integration) , Multisupplier
  • Marketplace – Smart Contract
  • Open for Non- Energy Business, safety, Security, insurance, medical, AI
  • Internal Trade , Social Service Modul

The Project Team:

Robotina has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 member of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Devid Palčič, CEO
  • Milan Susman, CSM
  • Ivan Morano, CTO
  • plus Robotina team & advisers


  • Token: Robotina
  • Abbreviation: ROX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total Supply: 815m ROX
  • 20 ROX = $1

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 21.Mar.2018
  • End date: 28.Apr .2018



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