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RootBlockchain – CANCELED






Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The First Hybrid Blockchain with Flexible Option- Blockchain as a Service

Root Blockchain is perfect for first-time clients wishing to explore different avenues regarding blockchain innovation or associations that might want to receive the rewards of blockchain, without bringing about gigantic costs forthright.

Root Blockchain produces a computerized unique finger impression of the exchange information and stores just this unique finger impression in the blockchain. The genuine information is put away independently and connected to the exchange. This special instrument brings about an any exchange impression measure that converts into a gigantic twofold preferred standpoint for the end client:

  1. Fixed, low exchange cost: as all exchanges contain just the same settled size advanced unique finger impression.
  2. High speed blockchain tasks: as Root Blockchain isn’t burdened with a lot of exchange information.

The project vision, mission:

Root Blockchain :

  • Resolve many-sided quality through Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) – Root Blockchain offers the primary cross breed blockchain with adaptable alternatives for both endeavor and retail clients. This isolation will make it very simple.
  • Resolve the blockchain measure – Root keeps the blockchain estimate little by utilizing a remarkable system – just cryptographic hashes of the exchange information are put away in the blockchain.
  • Low exchange cost – Storing the real information is discretionary. Since an exchange cost is straightforwardly relative to the volume of information, by not putting away information, a client can keep their exchange cost low.
  • Keep information secret – This is likewise valuable if the information is classified in nature and the client does not need it to be freely accessible.
  • Resolve exchange information measure – Root Blockchain is totally API driven, which implies that organizations can receive the rewards of blockchain innovation without the going with multifaceted nature and costs included. Basically associate your current business to the Root API and go ahead.
  • Secure vault – If the client requires to transfer information alongside the exchange, the Root Blockchain is coordinated with a safe vault for the scrambled stockpiling of advanced resources. Root Blockchain offers numerous layers of information security and protection that a client may pick.
  • Low costs empower organizations – Root Blockchain makes it simple for organizations to begin with blockchain. It effectively connects to existing setup and begin receiving the rewards of blockchain innovation.
  • Productivity – Root Blockchain utilizes an interesting instrument to build the speed of exchange affirmation on the blockchain, while in the meantime keeping the costs low.
  • Storeroom – Only advanced fingerprints of the genuine exchange information are put away in the blockchain. Capacity of the real information itself is discretionary. In the event that information stockpiling is settled on, Root Blockchain gives a different secure advanced vault for encoded information stockpiling.

Straightforward Working Style:

Root considers consistent appropriation and therefore, boundless utilization of blockchain innovation. Organizations can center around what they specialize in and still receive the rewards that blockchain brings to the table.

1) Blockchain as as a service (BaaS) assume an essential part in data innovation division. BaaS will fill in as a basic impetus for achieving the reception of innovation. On the off chance that you pay for BaaS, you pay an organization to set up blockchain associated hubs for your benefit. A BaaS supplier would manage the mistaking back end for you or your business.

2) Flexible Option

Root Blockchain offers a few plans of action:

  • a) Private Blockchain – Customers may have their own devoted blockchain, where just their exchanges will dwell.
  • b) Consortium Blockchain – A private blockchain for at least two gatherings. Consortiums are perfect for connecting clients and sellers.
  • c) Secure – Encrypted information stockpiling is given as a discretionary component. This is connected to, yet physically decoupled from the real blockchain.

3) API Driven

The whole Root Blockchain offering is wrapped in an API (Application programming interface) layer which guarantees that organizations can without much of a stretch be up and running in a negligible time period.

Root Solution Architecture

Exchange information recovery and the whole permissioning model would be taken care of by the Root Blockchain application, demonstrated as follows. The picture demonstrates that Root Engine can be related with your arrangement, Private, Public, Consortium or Ethereum Blockchain.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Market research and planning to find out gap in blockchain industry and need of Blockchain as a Service(BaaS)


  • ICO Launching and MVP development of Root Blockchain
  • Launch MVP of Root Blockchain and engagement and listing on major exchanges.
  • Launch Root Blockchain public, private and consortium platform.


  • Launching Root Blockchain integration with Ethereum public blockchain and Retail offering API of Root Blockchain Vault
  • Launching Root Blockchain Enterprise offering API
  • Business Development and essential partnerships adapting and implementing the Business in Russia and CIS.
  • Expanding the Business to USA and EUROPE
  • Expanding, adapting and implementing the Business to Middle East and ASIA
  • Many more milestones to achieve

The Project Team:

RootBlockchain has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Girish Kumar, Co-Founder
  • Neeraj Tiwari, Co-Founder
  • plus the RootBlockchain team & advisers


  • Token: RootBlockchain
  • Abbreviation: RBC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total Supply: 2.5b RBC
  • 1 RBC = $0.03

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Phase 1: 1-30.Mar.2018
  • Phase 2: 31.Mar-30.Apr.2018
  • Phase 3: 1-31.May.2018


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My passion for everything that means cutting-edge technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs and not only made this article to be alive. I’m Alex Hummels and I wish you “happy reading” of others of my articles. Thank you all.

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