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Rubius [Ruby]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A platform to buy/sell/send & receive digital currency. Your Next-Gen Bank, Wallet, and Exchange

From buy, to deal or send, Rubius offers the entire crypto-installment community. The conclusion to-end arrangement starts with the Rubiex trade. There, clients can buy and exchange digital currency inside an instinctive domain. The trade use amazingly low expenses to offer more prominent incentive than its rivals.

The project vision, mission & goal

The venture mission is to propel the blockchain business and make digital currency more open through the improvement of clear buyer confronting blockchain programming. Rubius programming will be intended for the shopper and will be ceaselessly redesigned and enhanced inconclusively.

The objective is to furnish the whole world with access to managing an account and budgetary administrations through product items. The majority of items will be open-source, freeto-utilize, and will have zero-trust included. The items will use decentralized applications and work on existing blockchain stages like Ethereum.

The project products

The Rubius ecosystem comprises of :

  • the cell phone application called Aryl,
  • the online trade called Rubiex,
  • the Rubius coins, and
  • will incorporate all of other proposed items.

The environment interweaves cell phones, PCs, work areas, tablets, and all other processing gadgets into a stage for money related security. The Rubius records can be made inside the Aryl application or on the Rubiex trade. Your Rubius record will be usable for the greater part of Rubius’ future items. This cross-stage usefulness will empower you to use the greater part of the product which will be offered, without wasting time producing and recollecting new login data.

The wallet

The adaptable Aryl wallet fills in as both decentralized bank and trade facilitator. The wallet’s ease of use takes into account perplexity free installments amongst clients, and Aryl’s Volatility Shield ensures wallet esteem by changing over shaky cryptos into a favored, relentless money. The Shield’s streamlined transformations enable clients to rapidly sell their possessions from a trade without intemperate charges or long lines run of the mill of other “changing out” techniques.

The wallet features

  1. Send, Receive, and Request: In the Aryl application, clients can send, get, or ask for installments in either fiat money, Ether, or Ethereum tokens, making it valuable for exchanges in customary money and digital currency.
  2. Connect with Friends: The home screen includes the greater part of the ongoing action (i.e. the solicitations, installments, occasions, and so forth.) from a client’s companions. These companions will be willfully assembled from either a man’s contacts or from associating an internet based life account.
  3. In-iMessage Usage: Users will have the capacity to send and ask for installments straightforwardly from their iMessage discussions. This will take into consideration continuous installments at whatever point you owe a companion cash or if your companion owes you cash.
  4. Wallet Functionality: Aryl furnishes clients with many decentralized wallet highlights, for example, making new Ethereum wallets (the key sets to these wallets are put away locally on your iOS gadget), seeing adjusts of Ether and Ethereum tokens, and changing wallet passwords.
  5. Exchange Features: Aryl will enable clients to exchange their digital currency specifically in the application. To utilize the trade highlights, the team will expect clients to agree to accept Rubiex by giving extra KYC data to avoid illegal tax avoidance and extortion
  6. Volatility Shield: Aryl’s Shield highlight lessens the danger of utilizing cryptographic forms of money by keeping clients’ cash in a more secure money and after that consequently exchanging it into their favored digital currency when they are sending an installment.

The project token:

RUBY coins will be utilized in the Aryl installment application and the Rubiex trade. In Aryl, RUBYs will be one of the default cryptographic forms of money to use for frictionless secure installments. On Rubiex, the Rubius coins will be utilized as one of the fundamental exchanging sets, and favored Rubiex individuals will forever get half diminished charges when exchanging RUBY.

Project Roadmap:

2017 : The Aryl project was conceptualized


  • Rubius Inc was incorporated
  • Created Aryl UI Mockups
  • Developed Aryl Prototype / MVP
  • Token sale
  • Launched Aryl & Rubiex platforms


  • Smart Escrow and Smart Loan added to Aryl
  • Registered Rubius as broker-dealer
  • Added stocks, ETFs, and other tradable assets to Rubiex
  • Registered for additional banking services


  • Marketed banking services internationally
  • Developed POS Software & Payment Gateway Software
  • Marketed merchant services worldwide
  • Developed decentralized social media platform

The Project Team:

Rubius has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Joseph Rubin – CEO & Lead Developer
  • Haydn Snape – COO
  • Adam Singer – CMO
  • plus the Rubius team & advisers


  • Token: Rubius
  • Abbreviation: Ruby
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 300m Ruby
  • 1 ETH = 7,000 RUBY (+bonus)

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 21.Aug.2018
  • End date: 25.Sep.2018



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