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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Using Company Remittance and Employee Payroll to Build a Financial Ecosystem

The project is the new approach to build an economic system that tackles the funding and acquisition of
users in the most natural way possible: through their salary. A cryptocurrency that will help both businesses and individuals send money to the Philippines without the usual costs and hassles.

SALPay’s money related stream for customers is almost indistinguishable to the experience they are now getting a charge out of, streamlining the procedure by expelling the wastefulness of the additional bank exchange and utilizing the blockchain and the SALPay token to diminish the cost what’s more, time altogether for the assets to achieve SALPay. From the Client’s point of view the stream is practically indistinguishable before utilizing SALPay Token and after, aside from they know never again require to manage neighborhood monetary standards.

The key benefits:

Check your assets, make exchanges, and get budgetary help whenever and anyplace. SALPay is a MasterCard combined with an e-wallet/portable application that gives you a chance to benefit as much as possible from your cash and time.

  • Spare time – monitor your profit, ATM withdrawals, finance exchanges, and buys.
  • Cut settlement costs – set aside to 80% of your exchange and forex expenses with SALPay Tokens.
  • Show and pull back cash – pull back from more than 11,000 ATMs in the Philippines and shop in stores with your SALPay MasterCard.
  • Oversee reserves with an e-wallet – Pay charges, exchange cash, apply for credits and view exchange history through the SALPay versatile application.
  • Guarantee security – Salarium’s Smart Contract will guarantee that work will be done and that installments will be sent.

The project vision & path:

Salarium will make SALPay Tokens (an ERC20 Token taking a shot at Ethereum) which it will offer by means of a token deal. Salarium will set up a system of trades working in the Philippines and the Region (AUS, SG, JPY, EU, US) to take into consideration the purchasing and offering of its token.

The essential utility of SALPay Tokens is to serve Salarium’s current client section; Small and Medium-sized BPOs who need to exchange assets to pay their workers through SALPay. At first in the Philippines where SALPay is now working with Salarium, with venture into the area in 2018. Salarium’s answer is an expansion of its present business. Utilizing the blockchain, a digital currency, and a system of worked trades, SALPay Token will offer a safe, quick, reasonable approach to move cash from the business sectors where Salarium’s customers acquire into the Philippines.

The project product:

SALPay helps control money related consideration through its portable wallet. SALPay has banded together with certify banks that offer non-insurance credits to workers that are paid through SALPay. Credit scoring is done naturally, certain advance items are pre-endorsed while others are affirmed in minutes. Assets are exchanged immediately to the borrowers and reimbursement is gathered naturally from representatives amid finance. SALPay has given out a huge number of credits on its stage in 2017 and its simple credit item has one of the most minimal default rates for small scale advances in Asia, under 1%.

SALPay Tokens will be utilized by the customers to transmit stores into the SALPay biological system from outside the Philippines. SALPay will build up or work with different trades in the customers nations of origin, enabling everybody to give fiat money (USD, EUR, AUD, SGD, JPY) from their area and to all the while execute a purchase and-offer between exhanges. The assets will be naturally accessible in the Philippines through SALPay with an insignificant charge and about no forex misfortune.

SalPay Exchange Network:

SALPay will set up and work a completely authorized digital money trade organization the Philippines. This will be authorized by the Central Bank and equipped for purchasing and offering all digital money, yet will as it were concentrate on SALPay Tokens to augment liquidity for its customer base. SALPay will have the capacity to give moment liquidity to changing over SALPay Tokens to Philippines Pesos through the SALPay App. These assets will be quickly available through the SALPay Wallet. SALPay will set up trades in the area, beginning with Australia and Singapore (Japan, US, EU markets to take after).

SalPAy’s 3.0 Wallet will be an ERC20 wallet and have the capacity to hold both SALPay Tokens and additionally other ERC20 Tokens and will be the best way to interface with the SALPay Exchange Network and purchase and offer SALPay tokens from SALPay. The wallet likewise has every one of the highlights in the SALPay monetary item (in Pthehilippines and different nations in the future) including budgetary following, paying bills, sending cash to nearby banks, purchasing prepaid load and other advanced merchandise, and in addition work with the SALPay advances stage. The SALPay wallet will be accessible for Employers, Employees, or anybody on the planet, however the SALPay money related benefits other than purchasing and offering SALPay Tokens might be accessible in business sectors where SALPay offers.

SALPay as of now issues a Debit Mastercard program connected to the SALPay wallet in the Philippines. It intends to offer a Visa card program also in the begin of 2018. Each SALPay Wallet holder likewise gets a SALPay card to utilize wherever Mastercard/Visa are acknowledged. These cards are additionally connected to the Philippines ATM arrange (Bancnet) what’s more, enables the cards to pull back from more than 11,000 ATMs in the Philippines. Since SALPay will work the card and the SALPay Trade Network SALPay wallet holders will be capable to utilize their cards for any buy with any suported cryptographic money on shapeshift (or comparable trade).

Project Roadmap:


  • Salarium Ltd begins its operations (2013)
  • Salarium releasesf irst commercial payroll (2014)
  • Salarium wins the Seedstars World Startup (2015)
  • Salarium raises seed round of US $500K
  • First version of SALPay app is released
  • Slarium Payment Corporation (SALPay) is incorporated in the Philippines


  • Salarium insurance brokerage is incorporated in Philippines
  • Salarium raises US $1.2 million in a round led by FutureNow Ventures
  • Salarium partners with GCash (Mynt) to power SALPay
  • Salarium receives approval from the Central Bank of Philippines to begin running SALPay
  • SALPay starts offering micro-financing loans


  • Salarium establishes its regional headquarters in the Philippines
  • Salarium launches its ICO
  • SalPay Token Drop
  • SalPay Tokens available in major exchanges worldwide
  • SalPay 3.0 with blockchain wallet
  • SalPay Token exchange opens in the Philippines
  • SalPay opens 1st exchange outside the Philippines
  • SalPay opens 1st exchange in US
  • SalPay opens exchange in AUS and EU
  • SalPay opens exchange in SG

 The Project Team:

SalPay has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of financial, legal and technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Judah Z. Hirsch- Founder & CEO
  • Russell Shepherd- CTO
  • Eduardo Gutiérrez – Communications Director
  • Noel Nuguid – Head of Dev Ops
  • Jayson Antig – Blockchain Engineer
  • Paul Bautist – Principal Engineer
  • Jorrel Ang – Principal Engineer
  • Fadzly Yusuf – Project Drector
  • plus SalPay team & advisors


  • Token: SalPay
  • Abbreviation: SAL
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, USD
  • Token Supply: 100m SAL
  • 1 SAL = $0.40

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 27 Nov.2017
  • End date: 31.Dec.2017



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