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Sapien [SPN]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Take back control over your Social Experience

Sapien is an exceptionally adaptable, democratized social news stage equipped for compensating a large number of substance makers what’s more, guardians with no incorporated middle people. Sapien is fueled by an ERC20 agreeable cryptographic money called SPN. The Sapien system will quickly develop to incorporate a commercial center, different combinations, and outsider applications.

Sapien is a democratized, tokenized, notoriety based social news stage equipped for remunerating a huge number of advanced substance makers with no brought together delegates. Sapien will be fueled by our utility token, SPN, and worked to give a smooth client encounter that will convey the advantages of the Blockchain to the majority.

The project vision, mission:

  1. Majority rule government: Users ought to have the last say over their groups and ought to be boosted to contribute.
  2. Protection: Targeted publicizing is gainful yet innately imperfect since it abuses client information and encroaches on client protection.
  3. Free Speech: A basic rule that ought to be ensured online with troublesome devices.
  4. Adaptability: Each client ought to have the capacity to tailor a social ordeal to their preferring.


Set up a Proof of Value Consensus Protocol

The confirmation of significant worth component will advance quality commitments and reward clients in like manner. As the commitments of clients are assessed all through the system they will gather a score that mirrors their notoriety. This will enable a client’s space particular ability to be reflected inside their groups. Inside Sapien, notoriety will moderate trolling and lessen the spread of phony news. The notoriety framework is intrinsic to the SPN token and in this manner not confined to the Sapien stage.

Dispatch the main Democratized Autonomous Platform

To make a genuinely self-ruling social stage, clients must have genuine control over the bearing of the stage. In this way, one of the capacities of the SPN token will be to give clients a voice through our imaginative proposition framework. This will permit clients to partake in hierarchical choices, highlight improvements, and commercial center prizes. SPN partners will be in a remarkable position to propose and organize turning points on our undertaking guide. With the principal self-governing social stage, the group can develop an energetic and drew in group that can change its esteems after some time.

Manufacture a Robust Marketplace and Incentivize User Contributions

Content makers ought to be remunerated decently for their chance and the first substance they add to a stage. Clients will have the capacity to tip each other for posts or remarks and even get payouts in SPN from Sapien for posts that have made quantifiable esteem. By empowering clients to pay each other in this way we trust we will encourage a domain that backings quality substance and frees content makers from reliance on advertisement income.

Power Future Applications on the Sapien Network

Sapien will work out an advancement stage fueled by SPN to offer clients a wide assortment of application mixes and allow outside applications to use our client base. The group mean SPN to work as a brought together money for all in application buys on incorporated applications. New applications will have the capacity to incorporate with SPN effortlessly through the Sapien API enabling clients to trade and make buys with SPN.

The project Key Features:

  • Open/Private Browsing

Consistently switch amongst open and private modes to encounter Sapien with your genuine character or namelessly.

  • Memberships

Buy in to branches to remain fully informed regarding the most recent posts from your companions and individuals around the globe.

  • Companions, Groups, and Posts

Include companions, make gatherings, share posts, compose remarks, and grow your viewpoints.

  • Highlight rich Chat

Join content and voice channels with our capable talk interface, which gives a more unique and drawing in client encounter.

  • Encryption

Secure your online protection. Sapien secures your own information and offers scrambled talk discussions.

  • Very Customizeable

Each individual is one of a kind. Have control over each element and tailor your own social experience.

…furthermore, considerably more

Project Roadmap:

  • Idea behind Sapien conceived and development begins
  • Closed alpha is launched, written with full-stack javascript


  • Private beta launched with integrated chat and voice channels
  • Transition from an end-to-end encrypted platform to Blockchain application
  • Complete SPN white paper and begin Ethereum smart contract development
  • Launch testnet faucet and showcase token in Sapien


  • Token Sale Phase #1 and implement payouts for creators and curators
  • Increase brand awareness and begin porting Sapien platform to a DApp
  • Token Sale Phase #2 and revamp UI/UX for crypto novices
  • Ramp up marketing efforts; acquire 10k new users per month
  • Build infrastructure for Democratized Autonomous Platform


  • Roll out the decentralized marketplace, premium content and features
  • Open developer platform to third-party applications and integrations
  • Optimize platform to scale and add 1M new users per month
  • Tokenize user data and extend token use to other websites
  • Add 10 million new users per month

Project Team:

Sapien has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Ankit Bhatia – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Robert Giometti – CPO & Co-founder
  • Stefan Ionescu – Lead Solidity Dev
  • plus the Sapien team& advisers


  • Token: Sapien
  • Abbreviation: SPN
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, (+BTC in crowdsale)
  • Supply: 500m SPN

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Pre-sale: 31.Jan.2017 – 15.Feb.2018
  • Start date: Canceled



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