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Securix [SRXIO]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Get a passive income from the new generation of crypto mining.

Securix has an item which gives their tоkеnholders a uninvolved inсоmе, with this tоkеn they appreciate the premium bitсоin mіnіng administrations. The project does not conceal their expenses behind netto yield structures at all. It completes a 45% gross income share with their tоkеnholders.

The project objective:

Securix will likely make Blockchain and cryptographic innovation straightforward and available to a more extensive group of onlookers. There is need for an item that is basic and reasonable. It is as straightforward as purchasing the SRXIO token and getting a charge out of an inactive month to month yield share.

How it works?

Securix has chosen to actualize an industry-first gross income share. This structure is straightforward, direct and the token holders are not left with vulnerability in regards to concealed expenses. From each mined Bitcoin, 45% will be separated among every single token holder. The token holders are excluded from all innovative hazard. Securix bears these dangers. The token gives you access to the mining administration and, thus, stipends you the rights to a level of the aggregate mined bitcoins (“net mining income”) every month. As long as you are the proprietor of the tokens, the smart contract will exchange a segment of the gross mining income in Ether to your wallet every month.

The mining

Securix strikes a harmony between expense for each unit, productivity and vitality utilization. Securix will just buy equipment that offers the best ROI and most reduced by and large hazard. At first look, the GMO B2 24TH/S is the most effective in mix with its capacity use, however the price tag per unit makes it ugly. The equivalent goes for other brands. Sadly, there is no enchantment slug. Securix will keep on observing the mining equipment market and take the choice that is to the greatest advantage of its token holders.

Securix is prepared for all the new brands and models and the best quantifiable profit at the season of procurement. Securix has built up the “Power Usage, Unit Price, Performance” or “Puppy” display. As depicted in the past segment, choosing the correct brand and model in mix with the unit cost is indispensable. This PUP model will create the best quantifiable profit for the token holders. Purchasing equipment is natural and is inclined to advertise advancements.

Securix guarantees that its long haul see is ensured by putting aside the first 10 percent net income. Securix ceaselessly screens the business sectors and the most recent patterns and improvements in the mining hardware showcase.

Mega Vault Wallet

The Securix Mega Vault Dashboard application will be accessible not long from now for clients to download. This application enables clients to store SRXIO tokens on their cell phone securely. The Securix uber vault application will indicate something beyond your SRXIO tokens. The application will incorporate the accompanying highlights:

  • Securix month to month mined Bitcoins volume.
  • Owned measure of SRXIO tokens.
  • Hashing intensity of the office.
  • SRXIO yield balance.
  • The news segment.

The application will likewise empower you to monitor your month to month yields. These yields will be transferable consistently. The financial specialists will have the capacity to keep track ofSecurix news through the News segment. Financial specialists will likewise have the capacity to connect with Securix through the online networking channels. Securix places the most elevated need on speculator connections, and not just amid the group deal. When you have exchanged your SRXIO equalization to ther Securix Mega Vault Dashboard, you will begin to pick up status! Each time you go up a level, you will get an identification, a status or a prize.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Website live, Token sale
  • Facility operational and electrical upgrade
  • Hardware purchase
  • Installing Mining hardware


  • Internal testing
  • Megavault APP live
  • Start operations
  • First Monthly gross revenue output

The Project Team:

Securix are a group of blockchain specialists, business pros, IT engineers, financial analysts and venture specialists with quite a few years of consolidated involvement. What the team share practically speaking is an enthusiasm for business and blockchain innovation. The team’s day by day center is around improving, and acquainting more individuals with, the splendid universe of blockchain innovation and on advertising an approach to make an easy revenue. The group’s organization mirrors the diverse encounters and ages of its individuals.

  • Jacobus Donkersloot – Founder & CEO
  • Damian Strauss – Founder & COO
  • Marcel Schoenmaker – Technology Architect / IT Manager
  • plus the Securix team & advisers


  • Token: Securix
  • Abbreviation: SRXIO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, XRM, Fiat
  • Total supply: 55m SRXIO
  • 1 SRXIO = $ 1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 27.Sep.2018
  • End date: 31.Dec.2018


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