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Smart Valley [SVT]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Powerful project assessment tools, a global expert community, secure ICO investments – on one platform

The SMART Valley ecosystem gives its members a chance to raise stores, employ colleagues, discover business accomplices, and understand their thoughts – regardless of where they are on the planet. Four key highlights of the platform enable the ecosystem individuals to communicate in the most productive way: a sheltered arrangement system, a specialists commercial center, a gathering pledges apparatus, and – above all – a novel decentralized scoring framework that uses master feelings, swarm insight, and numerical calculations to survey ventures.

The project vision. mission and path:

The project will allow financial specialists worldwide to put resources into high-potential activities securely and lawfully, while venture engineers will have the capacity to raise subsidizes and manufacture solid groups, furnishing specialists and specialist organizations with fascinating tasks to take a shot at and stable work. The environment is being created as an Ethereum-based decentralized application.

The mission is to make an advanced valley of developments and enable the most encouraging activities to survive and understand their potential. To accomplish that, the team intend to utilize infrastructural preferences and development focuses, and capable apparatuses to associate task, speculators, specialists, specialist organizations, hatcheries, and other market members.

The project goals is to:

  • Develop the ICO foundation into a standout amongst the most effective speculation devices;
  • Create a computerized stage for lawful raising support;
  • Promote top notch ICO extends and limit the danger of tricks and extortion;
  • Connect key business players and advance proficient correspondence between them. The team endeavor to bring together speculators and undertaking engineers, originators and colleagues, new innovation and the mass market, customers and specialists and future pioneers;
  • Create a simple to-utilize and appealing interface;
  • Help the best undertakings pull in overall speculation and enter the market;
  • Raise the general level of information and capability among the immediate and roundabout members of the DLT advertise;
  • Train a pool of future pioneers;
  • Create new occupations and increment support in imaginative cutting edge parts

The key benefits, advantages:

For investors:

  • An exceptional scoring administration that guarantees the choice of the most astounding quality tasks and naturally squares tricks;
  • The utilization of appropriated record innovation ensures the full straightforwardness of all exchanges and the ID of all stage individuals;
  • The shut and straightforward framework design together with pragmatic speculation apparatuses take into account the speculation procedure to be accelerated (a crowdsale constructor benefit).

For project developers:

  • A direct and advantageous raising support system;
  • Confirmed specialist organizations;
  • An insignificant number of mediators, aggressive administration rates on the stage, and an opportunity to decrease showcasing spending plans—all due to the shut and straightforward character of the ecosystem and the nearness of key business players who can straightforwardly impact the accomplishment of a task.

For experts:

  • The making of a specialists commercial center gives a chance to specialists anyplace on the planet to work on prominent creative undertakings, and additionally partake in universal tenders and rivalries;
  • The protected arrangement instrument ensures auspicious installment for administrations gave by a specialist;
  • The scan for occupations and customers is streamlined and improved.

Smart Valley Ecosystem

The SMART Valley ecosystem incorporates three key parts: financial specialists, activities, and specialists and specialist organizations. The formation of the ecosystem will be done in two phases, the first being the setting up of the key component of the structure—a decentralized scoring framework—and the second, the acknowledgment of an arrangement of three other SMART Valley administrations—the arrangement instrument, the master showcase benefit, and a gathering pledges device.

The scoring framework

The scoring framework constitutes one of the key SMART Valley administrations and fills in as a foundational device for comprehending different issues experienced by financial specialists, ventures, and specialists. The scoring framework incorporates three principle components: decentralized scoring, a numerical calculation, and group shrewdness.

The decentralized scoring instrument is the most essential component of the SMART Valley stage, since it guarantees the vote based and straightforward character of the framework, influencing the undertaking assessment to process effectively unquestionable and productive. The other two components of the scoring framework take into consideration included usefulness. They are intended to improve the final product of the decentralized scoring yet don’t constitute a total evaluation in their own particular right.

The project token:

SVT will be charged for the utilization of key stage administrations, (for example, the scoring framework, safe exchange system, master advertise, and gathering pledges benefit).

The Project Roadmap:


  • The architecture development
  • Website development
  • MVP


  • Crowdsale
  • Public beta test of Smart Valley scoring system
  • Crowdsale marketplace
  • Full launch of the ecosystem

The Project Team:

Smart Valley has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 member of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Alexey Voronin – Founder
  • Valentin Livkin – CTO
  • plus the Smart Valley team & advisers


  • Token: Smart Valley
  • Abreviation: SVT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH , BTC, FIAT
  • 1 SVT = $0.10

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 14.May.2018
  • End date: 13.July.2018



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