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StealthCrypto [QMN]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

State of the Art Quantum Mesh Network

The team are building up the biggest decentralized, boosted, self-manageable, quantum work organize in light of blockchain innovation. Utilizing exclusive, end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption™, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™”, and quantum number age, quantum key appropriation and confirmation. The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for information insurance, and also blockchain, correspondences, shrewd city stages, IoT and keeping money. The Team is making a solitary Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) community that will be far prevalent than any current ID frameworks, that is secure, private and accessible on request.

The project vision, mission:

The fundamental objective of the Stealth Grid™ is to rearrange the most secure, solid, current, progressed decentralized, independent cryptography and encryption innovations and make them accessible to everybody. Stealth Grid™ is the primary system to receive blockchain for continuous correspondence systems and modern use. By joining the Stealth Grid™ eco-arrange, you can do whatever you did before – have talks, calls, photograph/video and archive trade, without worrying about security and privacy issues in your virtual world, paying little heed to regardless of whether your correspondence is for individual or business purposes.

StealthCrypto™ Phone™

The group is in the last periods of building a protected telephone that will be prepared Q2 2018 and StealthCrypto™ NAS Container, a half and half of a NAS unit and Wi-Fi Router that will make a quantum fit system for information stockpiling, mining, loT correspondence, validation, and media communications.

Stealth Grid™ is the engineer of the StealthCrypto Phone™, a ultra-secure cell phone that is the main open source blockchain cell phone and NAS Units. The cell phone includes hard off buttons, engaging its clients to reclaim control of their security. All telephones highlight an implicit security control focus giving clients full access and capacity control on their telephone.

The StealthCrypto™ Phone™ contains a stage that will enable the client to physically disengage the battery, Wi-Fi radio wires, Bluetooth and geolocation, the camera and mouthpiece, and so on. It likewise won’t enable the telephone to interface with a Stingray or some other IMSI catcher gadget.

StealthCrypto Cloud™

StealthCrypto Cloud™ is the most secure scrambled, distributed correspondence half and half stage for social and business correspondence in view of blockchain. The center innovation of Stealth Grid™ gives another age of robotized end-to-end dynamic split encryption, and additionally unique geo-appropriated models with troublesome validation calculations utilizing quantum number generators of decentralized IBE – the key conveyance through blockchain. Stealth Grid™ is building a completely conveyed cloud for blockchain-based Stealth Grid™ dispersed applications. Stealth Grid™ means to give appropriated applications running on the blockchain, adaptable, secure and simple access to the administrations, the informational collections and the assets they require.

StealthCrypto™ Coin™/Pay™/Wallet™

To guarantee most abnormal amount classification, Stealth Grid™ has issued a novel confirmation crypto token StealthCrypto™ Coin as a brought together system cash to improve and secure blockchain exchanges. Another motivation behind StealthCrypto™ Coin utilization is basic and unknown cash exchanges between Stealth Grid™ clients by utilizing a coordinated StealthCrypto™ Pay reserves exchange framework.

The project advantages:

StealthCrypto™ Trust Centers™ (TC’s), or NAS frameworks, offer a genuine distributed correspondence and information stockpiling that can be implanted on a chip and can be arranged for cross-area secure correspondence, between remain solitary Trust Centers or StealthCrypto™ Cloud NAS servers. Thusly, it’s social by outline. Stealth Grid™ items and arrangements depend on the fundamental idea of making an eco-arrangement of safe cooperation for shoppers and in addition business clients. Business openings today are assorted. Stealth Grid™ plans to be situated as a pioneer, a worldwide influencer, and an idea pioneer with respect to blockchain use for digital security purposes.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Quantum Cyber Security Solutions
  • StealthCrypto™ Distributed Network – Quantum Meshed Network
  • Qubit Blockchain Development And Testing
  • Qubit Blockchain Launching
  • Qubit Exchange Launching

The Project Team:

StealthCrypto has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Larry Castro – CEO
  • William Eilers – Executive Vice President And General Counsel
  • plus the StealthCrypto team & advisers


  • Token: StealthCrypto
  • Abbreviation: QMN
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, ACH, Fiat
  • Total supply: 200m QMN
  • 1 QMN = $1

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Phase I: 18.Mar-5.Jun.2018
  • Phase II: 1.Aug – 5.Sep.2018
  • Main Sale: TBA.2019


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