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The Abyss

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Crypto Reward Ecosystem for Gamers & Developers – The world’s 1st DAICO

DAICO is a creative raising money display (proposed by the author of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin) that unions a portion of the advantages of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), went for updating and making the underlying ICO idea more straightforward and secure. The Abyss Token Sale is a progressed and enhanced DAICO show, enabling supporters of control the withdrawal of the assets, additionally giving an alternative to close the task down and discount the contributed cash on the off chance that the group neglects to actualize it, with Oracles (designated industry pioneers) going about as judges.

The project:

The Abyss is a cutting edge computerized dispersion stage, conveying a wide range of computer games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key need), including AAA-titles, to the quickly developing worldwide amusement group. The Abyss offers a pivotal motivational and multilevel referral framework, enabling gamers to gain from in-amusement and social exercises, and other gamers’ installments too. By joining The Abyss, designers will decrease their promoting costs and get an additional pay from referral installments made in different recreations on the stage.

Abyss tokens are a need inner system for communication on the stage. The venture diversion stage will be accessible for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web.

The key project characteristics:

  • Increasing wage from a solitary client: an effective, multilevel referral program whereby a client got by a designer gives the engineer a salary (paid in ABYSS tokens) from all installments and accomplishments in some other amusement on the stage.
  • The player likewise benefits: A closely resembling referral framework is based on a viral premise whereby players get pay (paid in ABYSS tokens) for getting companions and their installments. Additionally the gamer can win from various exercises on the stage (accomplishments, content age, inward CPA Network , and so forth).The Abyss uses the guideline of partner showcasing: a maximal wage is acquired by players and engineers who are the first to get clients to the stage. The framework is situated at more viably welcoming and holding clients than some other in the computer game circle.
  • Low passage edge for the primary check: double cash choices whereby all operations can be directed in fiat cash and the stage’s own ABYSS tokens.
  • Convenience of utilizing tokens: tokens can be exchanged to digital currency accounts both physically and naturally.
  • Saving cash on showcasing: an interior arrangement of publicizing offers (in light of ABYSS tokens) empowers movement to be traded with different engineers, getting and going along just significant clients.
  • The Abyss is a gamification benefit: a very much arranged arrangement of syndicates (Masternodes) empowers the stage’s clients to be composed into groups that progress toward becoming sources of salary (paid in ABYSS tokens) for members. It is one of the strategies for controlling the instability of tokens.

The key benefits for developers:

  • Payments are acknowledged in ABYSS tokens and fiat cash
  • The least offer of installments by clients of the stage for designers is 70%;
  • Referral projects can convey a designer’s offer to over 100% in general terms;
  • Developers can get installments in tokens without checking archives or holding up until the finish of a detailing period;
  • The engineer can completely get his offer in fiats, paying little respect to the money in which the underlying installment was gotten by the stage;
  • Developers promptly toward the begin access a focused on group of onlookers, including those creating content;
  • Developers access particular player measurements;
  • Developers are offered a client bolster benefit working 4/7;
  • Developers characterize the profundity of help benefit’ coordination into their activities (three levels of incorporation are accessible);
  • Developers are offered an advantageous and justifiable component for turning movement among any amusements on the stage through an interior arrangement of promoting offers;
  • Developers are offered a basic system for getting movement both inside and outside the stage;
  • No extortion and less discounts in operations with ABYSS tokens compared with those utilizing fiat cash;
  • An chance to dispatch extends as an alfa or beta rendition for social occasion conclusions, testing and making sense of what viewpoints require the most work to enhance the diversion, especiallyas to and adaptation;
  • An thorough measure of data, including client criticism and media audits, is introduced to help in advancing the diversion and shielding it from uncalled for rivalry;
  • Users can’t erase negative remarks that contain a misrepresentation or are generally offensive after an official answer by a designer in which the circumstance is clarified;
  • Open rules with the expectation of complimentary recreations advancement inside the stage, including a pennant on the principle page, a space in fly up windows when a customer opens the stage, venture assessments and other advertising arrangements on the stage.

The key benefits for players:

  • Players get overall access to various diversions in a single place;
  • Players are offered singular referral programs in which a salary (paid in ABYSS tokens) is computed in light of a five-level referral chain contained companions brought in and clients acquired by companions;
  • ABYSS tokens rewards earned from individual or joint diversion accomplishments;
  • Monetization of substance made (surveys, streams, guides, editorial, fan craftsmanship);
  • Additional ABYSS tokens pay at an interior sale;
  • Players can procure extra ABYSS token rewards by satisfying assignments inside the arrangement of offers for designers;
  • Beyond the system of a given amusement, clients can shape syndicates and gain extra ABYSS token prizes from community oriented exercises;
  • On request, ABYSS tokens are exchanged to the individual Ethereum wallet;
  • There is an inside overlay for in-diversion correspondence with any client of the stage and a quick access to essential capacities;
  • An outline of the exercises of companions on the gateway, including diversion accomplishments, sessions and other data. The client protection settings can be balanced exclusively;
  • A extensive, singular arrangement of customer settings for every client to see just what is required;
  • FPS counter is utilized to acquire data on diversion execution for PC clients;
  • Analysis of the recurrence of accomplishments affecting the estimation of prizes for clients and their evaluations;
  • Automatic updates of recreations empower players not to think about how current an adaptation is, while the capacity to restrain download rates of required records will be helpful for clients with a moderate web association. As to choices, it is conceivable to set a calendar or essentially kill the programmed refresh administration;
  • A hibernation administration empowers PC assets to be arranged for when customers are working in a foundation administration or when clients are in the diversion;
  • An “out of system” administration empowers players to keep up access to a portion of the stage’s capacities regardless of whether there is no web association;
  • During amusement sessions, clients can get information about all players with whom they are communicating amid diversion play so they can make their colleague and move toward becoming companions;
  • Screenshots and video catches of amusement process empower distribution of any minute imperative to a specific layer. The client can alter the nature of the screenshots and video, and in addition hotkeys and the area for sparing the information with dates and times of the procedure spared;
  • An chance to sort out PCs in a virtual neighborhood organize regardless of whether they are physically far off (in various towns, nations or even landmasses). This empowers amusement play with companions for whom the official diversion servers either don’t work or are unavailable;
  • Convenient internet searcher for finding and including companions, as per their extraordinary ID, moniker, email address or any other parameter.

Project Roadmap:

2008 – 2016
  • Foundation of Destiny.Games (video game company)
  • The idea of a state-of-the-art game portal creation


  • Testing the opportunity of blockchain technology integration into the new concept.
  • Presenting the concept of The Abyss – a new generation digital distribution platform.


  • Conducting the Token Sale.
  • Commencing The Abyss platform development
  • Active phase of platform development.
  • Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project.
  • Partnership agreements with game projects.
  • The first version of the platform with the startup game package.
  • API for project integration.Unified bi-currency billing.
  • Unified system of authorization.
  • The first integration of multilevel referral programs.


  • Active development of the platform: Expansion in the number of connected projects;
  • Introducing the personalization and socialization systems;
  • Introducing the detailed reporting system;
  • Introducing the internal CPA Network
  • The expansion of platform functionality: Motivational programs;
  • The ability of content generation and evaluation;
  • Auction; Syndicates;
  • Joint game achievements
  • Crowdfunding platform.
  • Further extension of the platform.

Project Team:

The Abiss has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky – Founder
  • Vladimir Kurochkin – President
  • Artem Veremeenko – Executive producer
  • Vladimir Martynov – CTO
  • Evgeny Petrov – CMO
  • plus the Abyss team & advisers


  • Token: Abyss
  • Abbreviation: Abyss
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Supply: 1.15b ABYSS
  • 1 ETH = 5000 ABYSS
  • 1 Abyss = $ 0.24

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Start date: 18.Apr.2018
  • End date: 16.May.2018



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