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The Collective [CDEX]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Fintech company working on a decentralized marketplace and TraderOne (their centralized exchange)

The Collective brings you proficient network the board benefits (the venture MVP).They are creating income from a few quality cryptographic money organizations as of now and have a group of more than 50 committed individuals up until now. They additionally furnish customers with direction on technique, organizations, influencers, and different components indispensable to understand an effective network driven blockchain organization.

CDEX’s Vision: Not Just An Exchange

The team will probably bring posting and liquidity again under the control of the network as opposed to surrendering the basic leadership over to individuals with just their possess interests at the top of the priority list. Keep running by a gathering of crypto-aficionados, the project will likely offer back to the network. The company will achieve this by giving reliability prizes to the CDEX clients for exchanging on the stage. The project will likewise offer a diminished charge structure for qualified clients. Individuals from the locale will be allowed a chance to help survey organizations are thinking about posting on the trade.

The organization keeps the customers educated on the most recent market powers and news. Their administrations (see underneath) are versatile to any customer necessity.

  • Network Development: Community advancement is fundamental to blockchain organizations today. The project give multi stage, all day, every day support and the board.
  • Internet based life Awareness: The Collective lifts an organization’s web based life reach through steady, enlightening substance streams.
  • Rivalries and Promos: The Collective has broad mastery in overseeing rivalries, abundance programs, dispatch parties, and other viral advancement openings.
  • White Paper Development: White Papers are an essential component of exhibiting an organization’s vision. The Collective offers white paper administrations counting audit of existing ones to new creation.
  • Crypto Expertise: As a gathering of crypto-devotees, the group can give support to all dimensions of client. The group remains on top of things by keeping current on all significant industry patterns and instruments.
  • First Line Support: The Collective Team is the principal line of help for your organization, enabling your group to remain concentrated on your expectations.
  • Influencer Network: The Collective keeps up associations with driving industry voices giving customers access to this system of screened influencers with pre-arranged valuing favorable circumstances.

The CDEX Exchange:

A decentralized trade speaks to a commercial center which does not depend on an outsider administration to hold the client’s assets. Rather, exchanges happen straightforwardly between clients (distributed) through a semi-computerized process. This backings an abnormal state of security on account of a nonappearance of a focal server, and gives secrecy and low expenses; free of nation of enlistment. CDEX trade will give a road to promising organizations who pass the due persistence procedure to be recorded at no charge.

The CDEX Trading Process (will support all wallets: MEW, Metamask, Trezor,Ledger,etc)

  1. A client makes another request by picking an ERC-20 token, the sum, the ETH sum consequently, and whether it’s a purchase or move arrange.
  2. The framework makes a protected cryptographic hash of that arrange.
  3. The framework uses a client’s Ethereum private key to sign the request hash.
  4. The framework sends the full checked request off bind to anticipate an exchange.
  5. When somebody needs to exchange against the request, the request data is handled through a shrewd contract.
  6. The savvy contract checks the legitimacy of the request’s root.
  7. The savvy contract likewise ensures the request isn’t terminated or filled.
  8. Assets are exchanged.

TraderOne Exchange

Dealer ONE Exchange will be a vigorous, versatile, and secure crypto to crypto trade, giving propelled exchanging properties to the worldwide digital money network. The stage will be based on a safe framework comprising of 97% cold stockpiling, propelled vault innovation, and 2 factor validation. The project will likewise offer automated revenue streams and reward programs making the stage a protected and remunerating knowledge. TraderOne will give an easy to understand interface, use, and liquidity; and enhanced costs for purchasing and moving due to moderately low spreads among offers and inquires.

The CollectiveGo

The CollectiveGo is an expanded reality computer game that is as of now being developed. The Collective has anchored a portion of the best computer game engineers on the planet to bring The CollectiveGO from a proof of idea to a completely useful vivid experience for gamers.

The Collective Global Initiative

The Collective Global Initiative likewise has a chance to do what the team specialize in as coordinators, mentors, and advertisers in the developing gig network through very much put vital accomplices. There is a whole world brimming with individuals who are going to begin working together in a way that has never existed. These networks will require outlets for training, thought brooding, and direction. The Collective, through the organizations, trade, new activities, and joint effort can be a controlling light for individuals entering the space for the first time. The team expect to make a place where everybody can cooperate in the safe and reliable condition that is The Collective Global Initiative.

The Project token:

CDEX token will be the utility token for The Collective people group the executives organization, the CDEX decentralized trade, the TraderOne centralized exchange, The CollectiveGO game, and The Collective Global Activity.

The Project Roadmap/Milestones:

  • First 50K $ raised will go directly to marketing
  • 100K $ – Upgrade CDEX Decentralized Exchange & Initial Marketing Push
  • 500K $ – Build Full Exchange: TRADER ONE Centralized Exchange
  • 1M $ – Full Marketing Campaign for All Exchanges
  • 2M $ – Add Trade Insurance for Trader One
  • 5M $ – Build GoChain Decentralized Exchange and both Arbitrage & Trading Bots
  • 10M $ – Complete The CollectiveGO game
  • 20M $ – Launch and grow The Collective Global Initiative

The Project Team:

The Collective has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members originates from differing proficient foundations and businesses. One thing that joins them is their adoration for digital currency and the feeling of network they have worked with The Collective Ecosystem.

  • Dominic Bacon – CEO & Founder
  • David Payton – Advisor & Co-Founder
  • Harsh Vardhan Roy – Marketing Manager
  • plus The Collective team & advisors


  • Token: Community Development & Exchange Token
  • Abbreviation: CDEX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Total supply: 8B CDEX
  • 100 CDEX = $ 1

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: 15.Feb.2019
  • End date: 15.July.2019
  • Presale: 1.Jan-7.Feb.2019


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