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Treon [TXO]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments: Pay Telecom, Electricity, Gas, and Water bills in one click

Treon is a token based versatile dashboard and wallet answer for service charge installments, particularly intended for the billions of clients utilizing open utilities to settle their bills utilizing blockchain keen contract innovation. Treon is another type of private, moment, confirmed and dependable exchange.

Simple and advantageous, Treon is absolutely straightforward and dependable, a one-stop-look for utilities charge installments through simply the one dashboard. Continuous, trackable and cost reductive, Treon makes paying your bills easy and consistent, from essentially anyplace.

Treon is a stage on the Ethereum blockchain worked to empower purchasers around the globe to oversee and pay their month to month service bills for use on telecom, power, gas, and water systems. The cell phone as a standard computerized, dependably on device is one of the foundations of Treon’s plan of action and mass selection procedure for the billions of shoppers.

The project vision, mission & path

Treon means to end up the new “Utilities Money” to execute on and off utility systems. The group imagine a reality where managed an account and unbanked shoppers are similarly appreciating the accommodation and security of knowing and paying for what they utilized from minutes of voice calls, gigabytes of information, kilowatts of power, warm units of petroleum gas, or gallons of consumable water. All from one on the web and merged dashboard running on their cell phones and paying for such use utilizing their preferred money, crypto or fiat, by couple of basic snaps.

Treon group planned a straightforward and one of a kind computerized stage, cell phone application and a wallet to empower clients to deal with their administrations from one place with utility suppliers and pay for their utilization through a united application, which is associated with every supplier through open and secure interfaces. What’s more, to develop this new environment, Treon will remunerate clients each time they utilize Treon tokens (TXO) to top-up their utility records or settle their service bills.

The group imagine that service organizations will discover Treon tokens one of the leavers for their long past due computerized change. The way open utilities are overseeing interoperability assentions among them is prepared for disturbance from inside. The Treon token biological system will digitize these concurrences on shrewd contracts with the goal that telcos’ interconnect and global wandering understandings (IIR), vitality organizations’ capacity buy assentions (PPAs) or wheeling understandings, and so forth would be overseen and settled by means of cryptographic money utilizing TXOs.

Advantages to Consumers:

  • 1. Simple combined view and warnings

Bound together and combined perspectives will empower the client to explore the dashboard effectively and have a full perspective of the use and all their utilization of differing utility memberships. While modified warnings will give helpful early aware of administrations due installment or restoration.

  • 2. Consideration of the Unbanked

Treon intends to cross over any barrier for the unbanked, by giving simple access to a cash that can be utilized to settle distinctive utilities while planning to bring similar examination for the clients to choose the best administrations and get the best an incentive for their cash.

  • 3. Administration of various utility records

Treon gives a capacity to deal with all unique utility administrations from one interface, regardless of whether to improve, change installment cycle, move to an environmentally friendly power vitality elective or only change administrations starting with one supplier then onto the next, will all be reasonable from a basic, all encompassing dash-board covering all client needs.

  • 4. Change and improve utilisation

In light of investigative instruments and related business insight there will be proposals to customers on the best way to streamline their utilization, regardless of whether to spare cost or potentially spare vitality.

  • 5. Top-up and Payment

This will empower all clients to top up and pay for their utilities through one merged dashboard. Making utilization of Treon environment, clients will have the capacity to settle their due installments for any of their utilities through a sheltered, secure, consistent and compensating technique.

  • 6. Rewards on installment – Loyalty Program

Clients will get remunerates as faithfulness focuses after settling their bills or best ping-up their records. This will be an incremental advantage clients will get upon each installment they make utilizing TXOs.

  • 7. Smart Notifications

Shoppers will have the alternative to redo distinctive warnings for all their utility providers to guarantee convenient updates and to evade any administration suspension because of any installment delay. Buyers will have the capacity to get notices from inside the application or by some other internet based life apparatus they favor.

Advantages to Utility Companies:

  • 1. Investment funds on exchange expenses

There will be investment funds of up to 80% on the present charges because of the presentation of TXo tokens with low commission expenses in respect to the present bank and Mastercard commissions.

  • 2. Organization Relationship Agreement

Utility suppliers have a critical key part in our plan of action. Diverse systems are the genuine hub between (the first utility administration giving organization) and Treon end clients.

  • 3. Industry Participation

According to our experience, industry support goes far in the utility world. Treon’s investment with the utility specialist organizations and other comparative industry associations will definitely make a positive, helpful association with vitality, telecom, water and utility administration administrations to reinforce customer trust .

  • 4. Treon’s discharge Incentive Model

Any utility administrator will get paid TXO tokens in light of their yearly Treon exchange volume.

  • 5. Teaching buyers

The above all else thing is to guarantee that potential clients have a genuine thought of how their item functions. It requires combined exertion inside the business, and the team are prepared to take part and advance such exertion.

  • 6. Application bolster

The group need to lead the pack by collaborating with service organizations to present Treon reference application and wallet. They are likewise in advance to help every single Utility organization who need to have their in-house wallet by helping them make the most ideal wallet for their buyers.

  • 7. Treon’s influence with impact

In correlation of other digital money associations, the team are sufficiently blessed to have utilities as the confided in party amongst us and buyers. As buyers are not any more required to confide in us to make utilisation of TXO tokens, they will just need to confide in their utility administrators.

  • 8. Boosting green and sustainable power source use

Environmentally friendly power Energy originates from common sources, for example, daylight, wind, ocean tides, and geothermal warmth. These vitality assets are sustainable, which means they’re normally recharged. Treon will give zero charges to environmentally friendly power vitality suppliers to elevate and urge clients to relocate their use into spotless, sustainable power source.

Treon Utilities App and Wallet

Treon is making an utilization dashboard (application) and an e-wallet. Both are incorporated with utilities’ foundation through a computerized stage worked with Ethereum square chain innovation.

Use Dashboard

Treon will be the first in the business to give purchasers an “on-versatile dashboard” to show their family utilities accounts in a single screen. Envision the accommodation of taking a gander at one screen with use you expended on the utilities you are associated with.


Secure, solid, and hearty wallet to pay bills from one place utilizing the money of decision. Clients will get unwaveringness focuses while paying with TXO tokens. The Treon wallet is worked with the adaptability to enable clients to exchange amongst fiat and TXO and other chose cryptographic forms of money. Clients will have numerous approaches to top-up the wallet with fiat monetary forms.

The use dashboard application, wallet, and installment convention are purposefully planned as a particular usage to incorporate utilities’ charging and accusing frameworks of TXO to help all the above utilize cases.

Digital Platform

Treon is making an adaptable mix layer (an API layer) to give utilities different approaches to coordinate with the Treon Digital Platform. The begin will be with coordination of bill presentment information with utilities open industry standard APIs. The team will bolster any versatile system or outsider wallet, empowering us to quickly convey a conclusion to-end arrangement.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Treon Business Model & Plan
  • Technical architecture & high level design
  • Prototype of Treon Utility Wallet App


  • ICO planning & preparations
  • Enlist Tokens on Crypto exchanges


  •  Onboarding Telecom Providers
  • Agreements with Telecom top-up distributors
  • Agreements with payment gateways
  • Onboarding Electricity companies
  • Smart Contracts for Natural gas companies
  • Onboarding of water Utility companies
  • Telecom reseller Agreement rollout
  • Close all utility providers reseller agreement

The Project Team:

Treon has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. Treon founders framed an accomplished group with broad industry aptitude in telecom, vitality, blockchain, and innovative ventures. Colleagues have demonstrated track records in beginning up, scaling, and becoming productive multi-billion dollar organisations.

  • Hesham El Metainy – Founder, Strategy
  • Khaled Khorshid – Founder, Technology
  • Binal Patel – Head of Technology
  • plus the Treon team & advisers


  • Token: Treon
  • Abreviation: TXO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 1b TXO

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 18.Jun.2018
  • End date: 31.Dec.2018



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