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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Television ecosystem on the blockchain

Television TWO offers the network an answer in type of an Open Platform for the individuals who are interested in cutting the line. This incorporates:

  • First, an application for Connected TVs that mixes customary TV with a customized video stream o↵ering premium substance at no membership costs. The video stream can simply be opened with only a single tick of a catch.
  • Second, the Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that regulates the traded an incentive between buyers, content suppliers, and sponsors. Shoppers get the chance to watch curated recordings while accepting TTV for seeing supported messages from promoters. Content makers are compensated by clients with TTV for their quality preparations.

The project vision, mission & path:

Television Two means to set up an immediate connection between shoppers, content suppliers and promoters. The individual players are enabled to seek after direct connections on the blockchain, decentralizing the ecosystem and additionally incapacitating oligopolistic Telecom companies, communicate suppliers and tech mammoths, as they are currently thwarting open advancement. In view of learnings from the automatic publicizing space that is tormented with misrepresentation, constrained visibility and brand wellbeing issues, the group will jump TV ahead by building straightforwardness directly into the center of the model.

The project ecosystem


  • Get to utilize a stage that mixes direct TV with a customized video stream curated by a regulated learning calculation, empowering more natural substance assortment and pertinence without paying a month to month membership expense.
  • Experience the flexibility to skip recordings and promotions and also the opportunity to choose advertisement recurrence.
  • Receive rewards for watching significantly supported messages and also imparting mysterious information to sponsors through the TTV.

Content Providers

  • Receive the opportunity to produce reach on TVs without signing an agreement with a TV organize, giving little makers that emphasis on quality recordings an equivalent offer of voice as dictated by watch measurements rather than clicks.
  • Get full straightforwardness on watch measurements for their recordings without trusting a solitary unified stage.
  • Can renegotiate their substance all the more effortlessly by benefitting from high media spends that go towards TV.


  • Receive focusing on and attribution includes and additionally the computerized media setting up for TV that they know from advanced publicizing.
  • Get per client covering advertisement commitment and natural video setting without succumbing to extortion or non-straightforward KPI announcing.
  • Can address clients based on their first-party information without handing over information to TV-TWO or an outsider.

The project product

Television TWO is an application for Connected TVs that o↵ers general shoppers of communicating TV a simple method to change into a world with a customized video stream. A noteworthy piece of the arrangement is the way that the customary communicate flag is viewed through the application. Initially, permitting a larger investigation of standards of conduct over every single direct channel – including channel choice and abide time. Furthermore, empowering simple access to the video stream.

If the Enter button press on the remote control, a layer is embedded over the TV content. For the client it is an indistinguishable ordeal from changing the channel. The video stream itself mixes natural substance with pertinent advertisements. In view of in-stream conduct, inclinations in direct TV, overviews and other information, an administered taking in calculation chooses reasonable recordings from an expansive determination of superb substance. The recordings shift by dialect and the accompanying classes: Movies, Music, News and Politics, Travel and Nature, Food and Beverages, Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Cars, Technology, Gaming, and Education.

The Project Roadmap:

2017: Development of Smart TV App


  • Presale & Crowdsale
  • App release for Samsung & LG
  • Introduction of TTV to the TV-two platform
  • Release the app for Toshiba, TP Vision & Panasonic
  • Version 2.0 refinement of User Interface and Experience
  • Moving Off-chain aspects on-chain
  • Release of App for Sony, Hisense & Sharp
  • Negotiation for pre-installation of the app

2019: TV Networks offer content through a Decentralized ecosystem

The Project Team:

TV-TWO has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Jan Phillip Hofste – Co-Founder
  • Philipp Schulz – Co-Founder
  • Nicolas Schnorpfeil – CFO
  • plus the TV-TWO team & advisers


  • Token: TV-TWO
  • Abbreviation: TTV
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 666,666,667 TTV
  • 1 TTV = 0.035 USD

More info:

Tokens Main Sale:

  • Start date: 24.May.2018
  • End date: 24.July.2018



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