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Utrum [OOT]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A Trusted Playbook for Crypto Investors

Utrum is a decentralized reward stage which will give digital currency partners a biological system where they can share data vigorously. Utrum will give a ecosystem that takes care of the issues by associating experienced investigators and designers with financial specialists and new comers. Givers are compensated Utrum Tokens for contributed content, while speculators and amateurs can get to the surveys, appraisals, showcase forecasts, and top to bottom investigation of benefits and openings in view of dependability and gainfulness factors. Individuals are remunerated OOT tokens for evaluations they give.

The project vision, mission and goal:

Utrum is a platform that gives fair data and measurements on digital currency resources, ICOs, and other related venture openings inside the cryptographic money space. One of the underlying difficulties is boosting the individuals who have what it takes and information to impart to the group, while validating these sources and doling out a put stock in rating to their substance.

Utrum is expanding on the rationality of utilizing swarm knowledge while subjecting gathered data to a “trial by Jury.” According to Digital Maoism, the aggregate conclusions in light of this “Jury” demonstrate are more precise when it doesn’t characterize its inquiry, at the end of the day, the viability of an answer can be assessed utilizing basic outcomes that are numeric or exact.

Notwithstanding the Jury show, Utrum will execute a quality control instrument to channel data people depend on. On the Utrum stage, the group does not make the inquiries. Rather, the aggregate just answers whether the particular surveys, advertise forecasts, and examination are dependable.

Thusly, the aggregate connects with through votes and rating the data gave. Appraisals mirror the general trust, individuals put in the data being given by Contributors. To shield the framework from control and enhance scoring precision, Utrum will utilize Artificial Intelligence to gain from group engagement and evaluations.

The project features:

  • Comprehensive Database of Cryptocurrencies and Assets.

The Utrum stage will have a rundown of every single computerized resource (coins, tokens, and so forth.) in the cryptographic money industry and also group and budgetary points of interest for each undertaking. This data fills in as the essential establishment of digital currency venture basics.

  • Rating System.

The diverse digital currency related items and administrations in the business will be liable to audits, investigation and appraisals by clients of the Utrum stage. Appraisals enable clients to discover the dependability of computerized resources, including digital forms of money, tokens, trades, wallets and speculation reserves.

  • Background Information.

To enable financial specialists to relieve the danger of digital currency extortion, Utrum will give foundation data on the groups behind driving ICOs, cryptographic forms of money and resources. This data is given by risk examiners will’s identity part of the Utrum biological community and, with time, AI machine learning will give canny research into groups.

  • Machine Learning Algorithm.

The machine learning calculation coordinated into the Utrum stage gains from the rating examples of individuals to identify fake practices.

  • Built-in Reward System.

Utrum utilizes a coordinated reward framework to boost patrons in giving precise, helpful data.

  • Dynamic Reputation System.

Utrum doles out a dynamic notoriety score for individuals that continues changing as they post and different individuals rate their posts, audits, and examination.

The project token & parmeters:

1) OOT Token

Individuals can utilize OOT to look for master guidance or purchase and offer crypto-related administrations inside the stage commercial center. Crypto engineers can utilize OOT to make advancements. Patrons and individuals inside Utrum additionally procure OOT tokens as prizes in light of their commitments. Despite the fact that OOT tokens are an utility token for use inside the Utrum stage, OOT will likewise have the capacity to be purchased or sold outside the Utrum biological system on digital money trades.

2) Trust Factor Score, or TFS, is a scoring framework for deciphering group trust into a significant and quantifiable metric. A TFS is given to digital currencies, ICOs, experts and individuals. In basic terms, TFS reflects what number of individuals in the group confide in the data or part being referred to.

3) Member Vote Coefficient (MVC). All supporters inside the stage may take an interest in any appraising procedure. Each part has a coefficient, which starts as 1 as a matter of course. The coefficient is

used to decide the heaviness of the voter.

The project Roadmap:


  • The idea
  • Project Ann


  • Token sale
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Launching Alpha version


  • Launching Beta version

The Project Team:

Utrum has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s memersionbers bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Sridhar Panasa – Founder and Project Lead
  • M. Gürkan Aygörmez – Business Development
  • Chris Van Maarseveen – Research & Development
  • plus the Utrum team & advisers


  • Token: Utrum
  • Abbreviation: OOT
  • Platform: Komodo
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, Komodo, ZEC, Dash, LTC
  • Total supply: 216m OOT
  • 1 OOT = $ 0.12 USD

More info:

Tokens Sale availability (main sale):

  • Pre-sale: 24.Apr – 10.May.2018
  • Start date: 21.May.2018
  • End date: 4.July.2018



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