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ValueCash – SCAM






Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

The Proof of Trade (PoT) protocol system

ValueCash is a Completely Decentralized and a Self – Governing Commerce, Exchange and Escrow Entity. With ValueCash, holders can make installment for merchandise and ventures while all the while making new ValueCash through buy and acknowledgment.

The ValueCash Ecosystem is intended to contribute its Distinct Protocol as a key segment of the developing Crypto-Economy and a market driving impetus to change the current the present state of affairs of the Commerce, Exchange and Escrow Sector and the Blockchain Technology. With Zero exchange expense, ValueCash is the Cryptocurrency that rewards your profit and spendings utilizing the PoT Protocol. The ValueCash group will utilize Decentralized Ledger Technology to rebuild and democratize the Brick and Click Market, the Escrow Market and the Exchange Market by dispensing with incertitude and dangers.

The project vision, mission and path:

The venture mission is to give the group immediate and simple access to rebates and rewards openings in the Sectors said above. The VALUECASH biological system depends on the idea of “The Proof of Trade”, which uses the aggregate Validation of Traders instead of that of Individual Miner.

ValueCash is intended to give all the more buying energy to its holders as the estimation of the coin acknowledges persistently with impact to its expansion in ease of use and group adequacy which will help smother the tallness of swelling in the economy. This essentially implies whatever products or administrations you can manage the cost of with your fiat cash, it will be less to what you can buy with ValueCash while additionally taking into cognizance the to a great degree settled low exchange charges. ValueCash as a method for installment facilitates the installment trouble inalienable in the customary installment framework with its speed of light exchanges which thus empowers Worldwide Market for Merchants, builds showcase openness and prizes the two Merchants and Users who acknowledge and offer ValueCash.

ValueCash Escrow Platform

ValueCash Escrow Platform is set to limit conceivable odds of misdirection as an Independent Trusted Dispute Settler or Third Party that gathers, keeps and discharge the accumulations of ValueCash tuned in to what the Buyer and Seller declare. The ValueCash Escrow platform will work by putting individuals’ ValueCash accumulations in the control as an Independent Trusted Dispute Settler or Third Party keeping in mind the end goal to ensure both purchaser and dealer in an exchange. On the off chance that anytime there is a question between the gatherings in the exchange, the procedure moves along to debate determination.

The project platform features and benefits:

The project Roadmap:


  • The idea
  • Raising $ 75k from investors
  • Started work on MVP
  • Pre-sale


  • Crowdsale
  • Web Wallet release
  • Internal Exchange release
  • Listing on other exchanges
  • PoS Platform release
  • Escrow Platform release
  • PoT Platform release
  • Partnerships
  • Merchants Listing & Global awareness

The Project Team:

ValueCash has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues. The ValueCash team is formed from a group of Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, IT Consultants, Developers and CryptoCurrency Enthusiasts with more than 12 years of Business Management in different ventures.

  • Prabu Dass – Blockchain Advisor
  • Steven Stanley – Blockchain PR Strategist / Advisor
  • Arul Jothi – Senior Architect
  • Karthi – Senior Developer
  • Gokul – Blockchain Developer
  • Siva Kumar – Marketing Advisor
  • plus the ValueCash team & advisers


  • Token: ValueCash
  • Abbreviation: XVL
  • Accepting: BTC
  • Total supply: 18m XVL
  • 1 XVL = $ 1
  • Not an ERC-20 token

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 5.Mar.2018
  • End date: When all tokens are sold, Q3-Q4.2018



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