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Verasity [VRA]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A next-generation video sharing platform

Verasity is building up a cutting edge video sharing stage which will engage Creators and enhance the experience of watching video on the web. Verasity’s group of media, innovation and blockchain specialists are building another model where Creators and Viewers execute straightforwardly on the Blockchain, evacuating the requirement for go-betweens. The Verasity Player and online video stage is completely utilitarian and can be seen at: This incorporates the Verasity Player Wallet model.

The project vision, mission & path

The task vision is for the Verasity Protocol to likewise be embraced over the more extensive web and for VERA to end up the digital money to influence the eventual fate of online video.

Verasity will on a very basic level change the current dynamic of how content is esteemed to be driven straightforwardly by shopper commitment. In inheritance promoting driven media economies, the esteem is allotted to group of onlookers statistic and size, not simply the substance. This deliberation layer skews the substance incentive to high volume commitment profiting the Advertiser, instead of amazing commitment profiting the Consumer and Content Creator.

Verasity is one of only a handful few totally agreeable SICOP token contributions (check here).

The project product

The innovation behind Verasity includes a conclusion to-end suite of items and frameworks that give Content Creators, Advertisers and Consumers the instruments expected to get to, connect with and flourish inside the economy and biological community.

1) Video Hosting and Distribution Technology:

  • Next gen. video player
  • White name choices
  • Distributed conveyance framework organizations for high caliber and scale

2) Blockchain Infrastructure:

  • VeraPay: to deal with microtransactions
  • Proof of View: to guarantee the uprightness of commitment measurements
  • Smart Contracts: to make effective and low overhead business connections between members in the Verasity environment

3) Channel Venture Backing: to create

  • VeraSpark: to create a component for Creators and Publishers to quicken development in the improvement of their channel by offering a section proprietorship in the channel to different members inside the Verasity environment. Also to create a VeraSpark is a Smart Contract that speaks to a rate proprietorship in the channel. It likewise qualifies the VeraSpark proprietor for a part of the VERA gathered on the channel while they hold the VeraSpark
  • Spark Market: to create a Marketplace for members in the Verasity environment to purchase and offer VeraSparks with VERA.

4) Content Management, Discovery and Features:

  • Content administration and investigation
  • Recommendation surfacing motor
  • Content balance apparatuses

The project ecosystem components


The VeraPay part will give the capacity to clients to purchase VERA effectively. This is by utilizing an outsider incorporation to deal with all the important exchange and security conventions. VeraPay will bolster the VERA microtransactions between Viewers, Publishers, Creators, Advertisers and Sponsors. This guarantees clients have a consistent ordeal to join and use the ecosystem.

Verification of View (PoV™)

Verasity has a patent pending framework to safely confirm gathering of people measurements (sees) in a way that is freely straightforward and sealed. This framework guarantees the respectability of the all components of the Verasity economy which depends upon group of onlookers measurements.

Wallet Solutions

Administration of Verasity plans to dispatch a work area wallet application to securely store clients’ VERA. The work area wallet application will likewise enable clients to go about as Verafiers to check exchanges and take an interest in the production of new squares. The Web wallet offers clients simple access to their VERA on the stage. The wallet is incorporated with the player, giving clients access to their adjust in realtime, and empowers the VeraPay convention to flawlessly send and get VERA inside the biological community.


Inside the Verasity Blockchain, clients can be chosen as delegates to witness/check the exchanges in the Blockchain which is a center part of the solidness, and authenticity of the basic platform.Verafiers are remunerated in VERA for playing out this part in the ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

Verasity utilizes Smart Contracts to encourage a wide range of exchanges in the biological system. Smart Contracts are advanced builds in the Blockchain that encourage, confirm, and uphold an assention. They make exchanges between members moment without the requirement for outsiders.

The project advantages, benefits:

Verasity for Viewers:

  • Any Verasity client can turn into a Creator and dispatch a channel.
  • Verasity empowers microtransactions that make the most adaptability for Creators and Publishers to adapt their substance.
  • Through VeraSparks, Creators can offer a part of their channel’s future income on Verasity, in return for VERA.

Verasity for Video Content Creators:

  • Verasity’s economy is intended to enable Viewers to locate the substance that they truly need to watch.
  • Verasity boosts Viewers to connect with the stage by compensating them with VERA for the substance they watch.
  • Inside Verasity, Viewers can help bolster the development in a substance channel through VeraSparks.

Verasity for Advertisers and Sponsors

  • Verasity makes an immediate esteem trade between mark spend and Viewer association.
  • Verasity empowers Advertisers to specifically pay Viewers VERA in return for their consideration.
  • Verasity empowers Brands to execute with Creators straightforwardly through the stage utilizing VERA.

The project token usage:

The “VERA” token is another medium of trade and reward for video creation, sharing and survey over the Verasity people group. Anybody watching recordings can win VERA cash. On the off chance that they watch adverts or offer the recordings with their system, they will then get further rewards in VERA. The stage gives Creators what’s more, Publishers an assortment of adaptation answers for browse. Verasity’s central goal is to enable them to create more an incentive from their substance.

In an objective to unite Creators and Viewers to help the making of incredible video content. “Start” is a fresh out of the plastic new interpretation of a Marketplace where Viewers can support Content Creators utilizing VERA. Makers can pick to offer a “stake” (VeraSparks) in their channel to back creation of new brilliant substance.

The Project Roadmap:


  • PoC for VeraPlayer
  • Release and test Verasity blockchain with other Verasity stage segments
  • Release MVP of blockchain-empowered: -VeraPlayer , -Verafier applications for work area OS, -VeraWallet
  • Release CMS and examination for
  • Add adaptation through publicizing to
  • Release beta of VeraPay
  • Release full form of Verasity blockchain
  • Release beta of blockchain-empowered VeraPlayer ,Verafier applications for work area OS, VeraWallet
  • Release MVP of blockchain-empowered video sharing applications for iOS, Android
  • Release MVP of to choose gathering of video makers
  • Release beta of to overall population


  • Launch full form of VeraPay,  VeraPlayer, Verafier applications, VeraWallet,
  • Release MVP of blockchain-empowered video channel commercial center
  • Release beta of video channel commercial center
  • Scale stage use to 15m holders of VeraWallet
  • Launch full form of video channel commercial center

The Project Team:

Verasity has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • David Orman – CEO and Co-Founder
  • David Rowe – Co-Founder
  • Chris Gale – Co-Founder
  • Adam Simmons – Co-Founder
  • Scott Brown – Executive Management
  • Mark Ramberg – Executive Management
  • plus the Verasity team & advisers


  • Token: VERA
  • Abreviation: VRA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 12.5b VRA
  • 100 VRA = $ 1.5

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 20.Nov.2018
  • End date: 29.Jan.2018



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