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Vicoin – SCAM




Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

VICoin is a mass cryptocurrencybased on the alternative virtual economy development

  • Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency, VICoin, based on the alternative virtual economy development.
  • Virtonomics is an in a general sense new worldview and stage for production of a standard cryptographic money, VICoin, in light of option virtual economy improvement.
  • VIRTONOMICS.COM is a dynamic and longstanding confide in venture.
  • Virtonomics is an enormously multiplayer online financial diversion, being a standout amongst the most well known and forward-looking MMO business test systems around the world.
  • Virtonomics customer base surpasses 2 million enlisted clients.
  • Virtonomics hits top positions in Google worldwide pursuit by important inquiries, for example, “online business recreation” and “online business diversion” with enormous natural movement.
  • Virtonomics is accessible in English, Russian and Spanish; German, French and Portuguese forms are a work in progress.

The project vision, goal and path

Virtonomics motor is generally utilized by colleges in various nations for instructing the nuts and bolts of large scale and microeconomics and administration and additionally by numerous enormous partnerships for administrators corporate preparing.

Going for giving a gigantic scale to age and utilization of digital forms of money, we separate the procedure of the last’s creation into two on a very basic level distinctive procedures: to begin with, mining as the mechanical procedure cryptographic squares age, excessively entangled for a great many people, making it impossible to comprehend; and second, burrowing as the action which is important and conceivable for the overall population, framing establishment for age of tokens and granting them to individuals as per the aftereffects of their operations.

The team manufacture a ecosystem that will empower anybody with fundamental learning of economy, administration and enterprise to end up plainly a digger who applying and profiting by possess ability and aptitudes to acquire digital money in a multiuser worldwide business test system that imitates large scale and small scale sparing procedures alongside the association of financial specialists.

Central Idea:

Virtonomics worldwide multiuser business test system makes its restrictive digital currency, VICoin (VIC), furthermore, a biological community for gaining the digital currency in an online financial diversion copying the arrangement furthermore, improvement of an option worldwide virtual economy. The cryptographic money is picked up amid the diversion in a practical business reenactment where clients manufacture and grow their virtual organizations, exchange also, contend with each other, and build up the business biological system in the virtual financial condition. The assets and instruments for age and burrowing of the “fuel” are unique amusement substances obtained for VIC tokens, (for example, virtual mines removing normal assets, virtual mining ranches, virtual power plants and so forth). The volumes of “fuel” creation for Virts digital currency rely upon the achievement and aggressive position of a player’s virtual business, and on the quality and measure of mining resources claimed by the client. The client can change over every 100 Virts earned in the financial test system into one VICoin (VIC) and turn it off the diversion to the external market.

The project key benefits:

  • Virtonomics is a dynamic and understood put stock in venture. This worldwide business test system has been running what’s more, creating for a long time and positions among the most broadly known business test systems comprehensively.
  • Other than the becoming yet at the same time smaller blockchain group, the task goes for the wide businessgroup and the general population searching for devices of operation and gaining on the Internet that are clear and accessible for all.
  • The venture group is one of the most grounded on the planet in its center field, that of making of multiuser business reproductions and complex virtual economies.
  • Acquiring VIC (VICoin) requires neither costly mining gear nor the utilization of megawatts of power. With a specific end goal to build up a virtual business in an energizing multiuser financial increase one needs littletime (beginning at 30 minutes every day) and little forthright ventures (beginning at USD 50).
  • Activities and choices of clients affect the execution of their virtual organizations and, therefore, the measure of cryptographic money they burrow.
  • VICoin tokens have the status of AppCoins, and being application coins they are free from administrative dangers.
  • From the snapshot of issuance VICoin tokens gave an instant naturalization channel: outer administrations acknowledge VIC at more positive terms than fiat cash. For instance, from the exact instant of issuance one can pay in VIC for an extensive variety of instructive administrations by Simformer at a lofty markdown of up to half. The client can use these administrations himself or resale them to anybody at his own tact. The quantity of accomplice assets will be expanded effectively.
  • Dissimilar to the immense greater part of numerous self-repeating digital forms of money, VICoin depends on the creation of a genuine included esteem and the movement of clients went for building a biological system with connected esteem for the genuine economy.

The Project Roadmap:

2018 – Phase 1

  • Building blockchain infrastructure of Virtonomic$ platform
  • Limited issue of VICoin tokens for the ICO
  • Redesigning algorithms of Virtonomics business simulation to match the tasks of the cryptocurrency platform
  • Redesigning and streamlining business simulation interfaces for mass user
  • Preparing and launching the ICO

2018 – Phase 2

  • Releasing Virtonomic$ business simulation in the base functionality (cryptocurrency generation, self-contained economy, digging units, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
  • Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin as payment
  • Promo campaign for Virtonomic$ project and VICoin cryptocurrency

2018 – Phase 3

  • Releasing the second milestone of the updated Virtonomic$ functionality (OpenData integration, expanding the functionality of the Virtonomics alternative market)
  • Further project localization (translation into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
  • Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • Promo campaign for the Alternative Labor Market project

2018 – Phase 4

  • Launching Virtonomic$ mobile app
  • Developing Virtonomics console apps (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • More widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • 500 000 users in 2018, tentatively 3 000 000 in 2019

The Project Team:

The VICoin has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Sergey Menshchikov – Project Leader Virtonomics
  • Sergey Morgalev – Technical Director, blockchain demon
  • Mikhail Rakhaev – Game Design
  • Denis Zhuravkov – Game Designer, Community manager
  • Anton Fedotov – Design/ UX


  • Token: VICoin
  • Abbreviation: VIC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Supply: 40m VIC
  • 1 VIC = 0.3 $

More info:

Tokens Sale Availability:

  • Pre-sale: 1-31 Jan.2018
  • Start date: 1.Mar.2018
  • End date: 31.May.2018



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My passion for everything that means cutting-edge technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs and not only made this article to be alive. I’m Alex Hummels and I wish you “happy reading” of others of my articles. Thank you all.

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