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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

A.I. driven marketplace for dating, courtship & marriage

Singles and couples confront various difficulties in their voyage of discovering love and managing their connections. Singles chance being casualties of adoration tricks because of the absence of personality check, encounter web based dating exhaustion what’s more, could be misused by some deceptive dating administrations. Then again, couples confront trouble in maintaining their relational unions, exacerbated by vulnerability on where to look for encourage and which counsel to take after. Numerous are likewise hesitant to share their issues because of worries of protection and disgrace.

Viola.AI is the answer for singles and couples encountering these affection and relationship challenges. Viola.AI saddles on the most recent artificial intelligence innovation, cryptographic money and trustless savvy contracts to build up a capable long lasting relationship guide named Viola and an A.I. what’s more, Blockchain driven commercial center to make and support effective and upbeat connections for all singles and couples.

The project vision, mission and path:

Viola.AI is intended to help accomplish the accompanying targets:

1) The World’s Most Effective A.I. Consultant and Assistant for Dating and Relationships

2) The Smart Blockchain Marketplace for Dating and Relationship

The Dating (for Singles) and Relationships (for Couples) businesses have since a long time ago worked independently. The data collected in the dating and romance voyage of a man’s life would be helpful for the later phases of couple-hood and marriage. Viola.AI gives a chance to the two enterprises to meet up for more prominent viability by joining the two information and in the meantime expanding clients’ life-time esteem.

All through a man’s dating and relationship travel, Viola.AI will suggest profoundly focused on and significant substance, products and administration from the better evaluated specialists/dealers to clients as per their customized needs, relationship courses of events (birthday celebrations, commemorations, unique dates), relationship organize (e.g. no wedding bands promotions for singles who have not discovered the correct one yet) and other customisable elements. Specialists and vendors would accordingly appreciate higher deals transformation rates because of the planning and importance of these proposals.

Viola.AI Core Capabilities:

AI Engine

Viola.AI’s abilities don’t simply cover dating, yet reaches out into romance, eliteness and marriage. This will help address the irreconcilable situation that dating administrations confront where the more successful they are, the prior they lose their best-paying clients. Consequently, Viola.AI will dependably benefit its clients to the best of her capacity. At the point when a client discovers somebody, and is currently only dating him/her, Viola.AI will basically develop to romance driven guidance and proposals, center around date courses of action; all significant to a selective relationship. Viola.AI can even serve the client on account of a separation and move the individual once more into dating when he/she is prepared. Viola.AI does not pass judgment. On the off chance that a client’s present inclination is to make companions or spotlight on easygoing dating, Viola.AI will give the privilege matches in view of common goals. Essentially, clients who are searching for genuine relationship will be coordinated with individuals of comparative goals.

Viola.AI can offer some incentive to clients in 3 center ways:

  1. Lessens workload for clients by giving customized coordinating, relationship advises, dates coordination, buy of merchandise and enterprises, date and sentiment thoughts and substance.
  2. Give convenient, planned and on-ask for advises and activities in light of relationship status and necessities
  3. Give prudent and non-judgmental association for clients


Genuine ID Verification and Security One of the key uses of blockchain innovation is in Real-ID Verification System. Blockchain innovation meets up to make Viola.AI a more alluring and capable recommendation. As clients are required to share their lifetime individual and delicate dating and relationship information on Viola.AI, it is basic to secure this information with decentralized Real-ID and end-to-end encryption to guarantee no Viola.AI client ever should wake up one day to discover all their own data and correspondences spilled to the world.

The favorable circumstances for all clients confirmed by Viola.AI’s Real-ID are:

  • It guarantees the profile a client sees speaks to a genuine individual and not a bot made to trap the client into marking a membership design.
  • Lesser disillusionment on physical appearance in first eye to eye dates because of more noteworthy validness of photographs utilized (i.e. what you see on photograph all the more nearly takes after what you find face to face).
  • Higher guidelines to the photographs utilized as a part of the system and better lucidity for all gatherings.
  • Basic client data is checked with the goal that the information utilized on the profile is genuine too.
  • All data will be completely encoded individual information confirmation verification and discretionary biometric bolts and will be safely put away in the client’s telephone. By keeping this information in the client’s control rather than a brought together administrations or database, it will keep the helplessness to information ruptures and may even prompt disavowal of administration where the administration is traded off.

Viola.AI Wallet is vital to encourage all exchanges in Viola.AI among clients and specialists/vendors.

Marketplace: Merchandise and Services

Viola A.I. incorporates a substance, merchandise and administration proposal motor that fills in as a commercial center between the client group and specialists/dealers/accomplices focused on the VIOLA token. Viola.AI varies from other commercial center administrations in a couple of key perspectives:

  • Timeliness – As Viola.AI centers its recommendation and suggestions to a client in light of his/her particular timetable and event, the nature of the prompts the master and the dealer is higher than that of a man who is essentially perusing near or doing “window” shopping with no particular point.
  • Convenience – Viola.AI fills in as an empowering influence for the two sides for the exchange to happen, lessening grinding and errors that frequently occur among clients and specialists/dealers.
  • Relevance – The correct kind of substance, products and enterprises from the correct specialists/shippers are given to the correct sort of clients in view of the individual’s relationship organize and both side’s close to home inclinations. Along these lines, there is more noteworthy significance to all gatherings in the commercial center.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Launched LunchClick with Human Love Assistant to help singles.


  • Started working on NLP algorithm based on the keywords used in millions of LunchClick conversation and identified top challenges of what users face in their relationship problems.
  • Website development


  • Personal Relationship AI Assistant Module for Singles. Viola Wallet and Token Application
  • AI and Real-ID Verification. Marketplace Module. Relationship AI Assistant Module for Attached Couples. Integration Module
  • Release recommended services and products to enhance relationship. Provide CMS for users and expert to contribute. Develop commissions and revenue share smart contracts


  • Personal Relationship AI Assistant Module for Married Couples. Include bids and offers token transactions.


  • Target 25+ million users. Global presence.

The Project Team:

Viola has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Violet Lim – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Jamie Lee – Co-Founder, Business Development Head
  • Zam Ong – Co-Founder, A.I. & Crypto Protocol Architect
  • Nikki Assavathorn – Co-Founder, CPO
  • plus the Viola team & advisers


  • Token: Viola
  • Abreviation: VIOLA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Supply: 250m VIOLA
  • 1 VIOLA = $ 0.2

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 17.Jun.2018
  • End date: 31.Jul.2018



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