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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Augment Your Portfolio.

Vivid is upsetting the way individuals collaborate, comprehend, and impart their crypto portfolio. From cutting edge specialized pointers, to survey your possessions in a radical new measurement, to working together with others on cutting edge exchanging ideas, the project point is to propel the conceivable outcomes for both prepared brokers and eager newcomers alike.

The project vision

Clear’s general procedure put forward is architecting a product stage and plan of action that takes into consideration a manageable and adaptable list of capabilities that meets these agony focuses, and makes a long haul arrangement giving clients the information and bits of knowledge they require, when they require it, and in a creative way.

The project ecosystem:

Vivid Token – An ERC20 Ethereum based token, VIVID is the utility gadget that enables clients of different socioeconomics to associate and use the Vivid stage, including access to proficient review highlights, voting on client produced substance and access to promoting space inside the stage.

Center Services – The core of Vivid’s stage is a blend of cloud based information accumulation, preparing, and organizing framework intended to enable customer applications to impart by means of a reflection layer and API’s keeping in mind the end goal to peruse showcase information, get to client accounts, contribute content and give interconnection to different methods for correspondence amongst clients and the stage.

Trades and Market Data – The stage uses various key API’s from an extensive variety of trades and market information conglomeration benefits with a specific end goal to gather verifiable coin information, and in addition give ongoing business sector information to the clients. Highlights, for example, specialized pointers are using this gave information to perform computations locally on the customer gadgets with a specific end goal to deliver diagrams and charts.

Enlarged Reality – Utilization of the main Android and iOS gadgets enable the Vivid stage to reach out into 3D space, and into client’s genuine surroundings in a consistent manner. Using similar information gave by the project center administrations, the Vivid AR encounter broadens key outlines and diagrams, for example, solitary coin graphs, specialized examination markers, and best performing coin graphs, into 3D space.

Versatile Application – On supporting iOS and Android gadgets, Vivid’s versatile application is the primary period of the stages improvement and spotlights on the general list of capabilities already characterized in this record (ongoing business sector information, portfolio investigation, TA pointers, included substance, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg). This leader application permits us an underlying passage point into the more extensive Vivid stage environment.

Work area Application – Extending the abilities gave on the mobile application to a remain solitary application for OSX and Windows based gadgets give clients a consistent involvement in progressing from in a hurry utilize cases straight into their home or work condition. Bigger screen land takes into account bigger diagrams, markers, and thus, better control over showing specialized investigation comments.

Content Platform – The Vivid substance stage is a distributing vehicle for clients to make ideas around, for example, a specific coin’s potential value development, to show their considerations on a graph and to write inside and out and insight about their forecast. Thus, clients are welcome to vote on these productions utilizing VIVID tokens. This boosts content makers to use the Vivid stage and advantages the general client base in giving them access to thoughts and speculations from top brokers.

Designer API’s – By nature of building a product and substance community as the project have characterized over all stages on the Vivid stage, various interior API’s and administrations are worked to address these issues and requests. Manufacturing those inside API’s and interconnects into a solitary programming advancement stage with the goal that outsider designers may use the Vivid administrations is the project long haul objective to growing the compass and list of capabilities of Vivid.

AR advertising platform

The Vivid Advertising Ecosystem is contained:

  1. Publicists – organizations/brands running paid crusades
  2. Group of onlookers – Vivid clients expending content
  3. Distributers – select in accomplices on the promotion arrange who have incorporated with the project API’s to create applications for broadening the group; they likewise come as influencers transferring client produced content into the framework.

The application advantages, benefits:

The project underlying customer application that ties into center Vivid administrations will comprise of a few key perspectives that objective the accompanying:

Adaptability – A noteworthy issue in the most famous digital money portfolio administration applications, which comes about because of a substantial convergence of new clients causing various issues with the present the present state of affairs, including however not constrained to: disconnected servers, inaccurate market data, long slack circumstances for refreshes and an assortment of extra issues.

Uptime – One need look no more distant than other significant programming administrations clients communicate with consistently. Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others set the standard in desire as far as uptime.

Market Insights – Additional key advantages of the Vivid stage is putting forth an industry driving and unmistakable choice of specialized investigation pointers to the clients.

Joint effort – Many digital currency dealers make their aggregate homes on an assortment of message boards, client gatherings, and correspondence stages, for example, Slack, Discord, and Telegram. Vivid’s stage is intended to stretch out a challenge to unite this specialized examination talk of cryptographic money markets into a particular stage. Along these lines, streamlining time spent making bunch investigation and conveying a simpler window of chance for newcomers to partake in what has until the point that this point been a restrictive and private type of joint effort.

Current Landscape Issues – Inside the present business as usual of contending digital money portfolio administration applications, there lies a center issue around beginning application and friends structure engineering.

Potential Causes – As sketched out over, the reasons for these scaling issues are an immediate outcome to poor organization and plan of action administration. Without income approaching to maintain expanding system and server stacks fiscally, this prompts diminished execution and corruption of aggregate uptime because of these limitations.

Versatile AR Features

  • Development and Placement in 3D Space
  • Portfolio Performance and Allocation Chart
  • Singular Coin Charts

The Project Roadmap:


  • Vivid is born from sister company


  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale Launched
  • Vivid for Mobile Beta Released
  • Stellar Token transition and distribution
  • Launch of publishing platform


  • Vivid for Magic Leap launched

The Project Team:

Vivid has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Ian Nott – Founder and CEO
  • Harrison D. Lee – COO
  • Sascha Neumann – CPO
  • plus the Vivid team & advisers


  • Token: Vivid
  • Abreviation: VIVID
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 140m Vivid
  • 1 ETH = 10k Vivid

More info:

Tokens Sale availability:

  • Start date: 8.Jun.2018
  • End date: 2.Aug.2018



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