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Volentix [VTX]

Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Global trade capability without the need or reliance on a central 3rd party

Volentix is a Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) joining a decentralized computerized resources Exchange – VDEX, with a protected multi-money cross-blockchain distributed wallet – VERTO, a easy to use showcase appraisals expository interface controlled by AI – VESPUCCI, and an motivating forces based enlistment program – VENUE.

Using Verto, an adaptable and exceptionally adjustable crypto wallet, VDex gives simple to utilize alternatives to security, namelessness and speed of installment. Open request books bolster combination with other decentralized trades, as a result delivering a huge decentralized trade of trades, adding to the liquidity and adequacy of all the associated trades. VDex is likewise a column in the Volentix biological system, a system of DApps whose cooperative energy advances more prominent liquidity for clients while rearranging and improving client encounter, giving solace to clients, and augmenting security of client exchanges.

The project vision, mission & goals:

Volentix directing reasoning is one of decentralization, and the group continuous endeavors are focused to advancing a decrease in reliance on focal specialist. The venture plan to make VTX and the four mainstays of VOLENTIX (VENUE, VERTO, VESPUCCI, and VDEX ) effectively open and usable by each one of the individuals who wish to join the network. The group plan a UI that makes accessible to you important market information just as your record data. The group anticipate that the experience should be improved by proceeding with instruction, with layouts and test systems to help an unrivaled UX/UI relationship.

The project ecosystem

  1. VENUE is arranged as a dynamic network stage that initiates and adjusts individuals from the VOLENTIX people group to encourage dispersion of the local VTX token, and to advance attention to VOLENTIX people group activities. An underlying VENUE signature crusade is in progress. The team are creating VENUE as an integral subordinate basically so as to boost and drive local VTX-based exchanges.
  2. VERTO will be a multi-money wallet for use with the VDEX trade, and plans to encourage authority of private keys for use in distributed exchanges. Both private and open keys will be privately overseen, with the objective of wiping out the dangers of annihilating misfortunes of stake related with awful disappointments of focal administrators.
  3.  VESPUCCI is imagined as an examination motor available by means of an easy to understand interface with continuous fortune troves of market information, for example, appraisals and supposition investigation. The group wish to enable clients with apparatuses to diagram and look at exchange capable computerized resources, to get to and parse chronicled exchanging records, to plot patterns and designs, and to screen and evaluate open-source programming advancements. VESPUCCI tries to convey to your fingertips certain and complete market-applicable information by collecting the data at present dispersed all through a wide range of blockchains, sites, talk rooms, and trades.
  4. VDEX, the decentralized trade, is a tradable computerized resources stage being planned as a conveyed, decentralized advanced monetary standards trade with accentuation on protection client experience and network improvement and administration. VDEX plans to encourage distributed exchanges by gathering an arrangement of decentralized applications based on EOS.IO savvy con-tracts. For smooth and secure convenience, the group plan VDEX to incorporate with the VERTO wallet and VESPUCCI UI.

The project token:

VTX is the local computerized advantage for be issued and utilized on the VDex decentralized trade. VTX will have an assorted cluster of employments:

  • To compensate members in the agreement procedure and in Venue battles.
  • To pay and redistribute exchange expenses on the VDex trade.
  • To submit and cast a ballot on proposition to the Volentix biological system, utilizing the casting a ballot rights allotted to VTX holders.
  • To stake bolster for evaluating recommendations and actualizing ventures.
  • To boost clients to partake all together book settlement by getting to be hubs by means of their Verto wallets.
  • To boost clients to secure assets for >24 hours by HTLC time-bound exchanges.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Verto V1
  • VDEX beta
  • VTX release
  • Vespucci V1

 The Project Team:

Volentix has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Prof. Yiannis Emiris – AI / ML / R&D
  • Alexis Anastasiou – Corporate
  • Sylvain Cormier – Blockchain and R&D
  • plus the Volentix team & advisers


  • Token: Volentix
  • Abbreviation: VTX
  • Platform: (non erc-20)
  • Accepting: ETH , BTC, LTC, EOS, BCH, DASH, FIAT
  • Total supply: 2.1B VTX
  • 1 VTX = $0.17 to $0.33

More info:

Main Sale Tokens availability:

  • Start date: TBA.Feb.2019
  • End date: TBA.Apr.2019


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