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Welcome my friends to a new interesting ICO today and let’s see their great idea:

Decentralized ecosystem for P2P Finance

ZPER is a ecosystem for decentralized P2P fund, based upon blockchain innovation. Top P2P loaning organizations and robo-consultants have combine to give a progressive technique for subsidize exchanges amongst borrowers and moneylenders around the world.

The project vision:

The venture mean to make new, productive money related condition that rises above outskirts and monetary forms. Through dynamic participation of best settled spearheading organizations in the field of P2P back, the group offer inventive streams of assets in worldwide scale.

ZPER’s originators have been exploring different avenues regarding “association speculation pooling” strategy so as to take care of the above issues with numerous residential P2P budgetary organizations. ZPER is a full-scale, worldwide variant of the preparatory analysis. The group intend to reform P2P community in following ways:

  • Creating a straightforward and dependable condition for P2P back exchanges in view of Smart Contracts.
  • Composing different speculation items through worldwide P2P money related organization together.
  • Investment adaptability guaranteed through tokenization of the privilege to get central installments – expanding information use through sensible remuneration framework.

The project key advantages, benefits:

P2P Finance Alliance

Confirmed worldwide P2P loaning organizations, data suppliers, and robo-consultants are a piece of the ZPER Alliance. The Alliance, which enables an assortment of members to unreservedly interface and trade esteems, gives a sensible money related condition to borrowers and banks. All members will be remunerated reasonably for their commitments.

Cross-outskirt exchanges

ZPER interfaces borrowers and loan specialists paying little respect to their nations’ cash. Banks harvest higher returns, while borrowers get advances at bring down loan costs.

Hazard Management by Robo-consultants

Universally perceived robo-guide calculations constitute the worldwide venture portfolios. The calculation is then used to bring down venture chance and give security by means of speculation enhancement.

The project token:

ZPR token is a methods for esteem trades that all members of the ecosystem will utilize. It is utilized as a cash in all exchanges, including ventures for P2P advances, repayment of develop credits, rewards for information suppliers, commissions for NPL buyers. Exchanges will be kept straightforward and free from monetary forms and limits by the utilization of ZPR.

The project roadmap:


  • Established P2P financial platform Funda/Midrate/Olley
  • Established financial product recommendation platform Finda
  • Initiate ZPER


  • Partnership with leading domestic P2P financial companies & RoboAdvisor
  • Presale & Crowdsale
  • Launch of basic ZPER Wallet service
  • Listing on exchange
  • ZPEROBO Service Beta Test
  • Expand parnerships
  • Full ZPEROBO Service Launched
  • ZPER Open Market Service Beta Test


  • Full ZPER Open Market Service Opened
  • Expanded partnership

The Project Team:

ZPER has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 member of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • JB Kim – Co-founder, CEO
  • Jake Lee – Co-founder, CEO
  • Sean Park – Co-founder, CSO
  • George Hahn – Co-founder, CGO
  • SJ Min – CBDO
  • plus the ZPER team & advisers


  • Token: ZPER
  • Abreviation: ZPR
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH 
  • Total supply: 3.5b ZPR
  • 0.1 ETH = 1600 ZPR

More info:

Tokens Sale availability (main sale):

  • Start date: 16.Apr.2018
  • End date: 16.May.2018



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